• Thursday, November 28, 2019

  • CUI

  • CCRD

Centre for Climate Research and Development, along with Pak Mission Society, conducted a joint exposure visit to the National Agriculture Research Council (NARC) on 20 November 2019. The visit sought to gain insight into NARC’s soil health, composting and horticulture programs, to better design a collaboration between the three organizations.

Pak Mission Society is currently operating the Saaf Mahol Project, with funding from UK-based Teardrop Fund, which collects household waste from slum areas of Islamabad and converts it into NARC-certified compost, by hiring e-guards (waste collectors) from within the slum communities. CCRD has offered assistance to Pak Mission Society to expand its project scope, and is actively working with the group to convert their collected data into peer-reviewed journal publications, with the view to enhance research in the waste management field at the local level.

With facilitation from Dr. Muhammad Anwar, Director, Agriculture Polytechnique Institute, NARC representatives, Dr. Muhammad Iftikhar, Dr. Shahbaz and Dr. Rana Farooq, guided the visitors through the activities of Land Resources Research Institute, and their patented and commercialized Biozote crop specific inoculant products for improving soil health. Further, the team visited the Vermi-Compost and Organic Compost pits, where they discussed the advantages of this waste management strategy for municipal solid waste and compared NARC’s operations against those of the Saaf Mahol Project. Finally, the team visited the Horticulture Research Institute and gained knowledge of kitchen gardening programs and technical advising services available at NARC.

Two officials from CCRD, Dr. Toqeer Ahmed, Assistant Professor, and Mr. Hassaan Sipra, Scientific Officer, arranged the trip, in coordination with Pak Mission Society and NARC. The Pak Mission Society team was led by Ms. Zoone Sultan, Environment Programme Lead, along with their managing team as well as 14 e-guards, 4 segregators and 2 drivers.

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