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Report on Anti Corruption Walk

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A walk has been organized by ECA office to observe the "International Anti-Corruption Day" on Thursday, 12th December, 2019, at 10:15 am at CUI Attock, New Campus, from Electrical & Computer Engineering block to Computer Sciences Block, in which Faculty, Section Heads, Staff and students have participated.

The walk ended in front of Computer Sciences Department Where Mufti Abdul Wahid, Lecturer, Department of Management Sciences delivered a talk to create awareness against corruption, in the light of beautiful Quranic verses and Islamic teachings.  

He pointed out that corruption is not only meant in financial matters but also in our character while misusing of resources and powers in authoritative capacity and also when not delivering due services at workplace. He further said that dishonesty leads to corruption and honesty is the only weapon to deal with the corruption in society.

At the end of session, Mufti Sahab led a special dua in context to be loyal to ourselves and others at all platforms.




(Dr. Faisal Shahzad)

In-charge ECA

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