• Tuesday, February 18, 2020

  • CUI

  • Muhammad Waqas Altaf

Visit to Pakistan Meteorological Department

A visit to Pakistan Meteorological Department was arranged by Centre for Climate Research and Development (CCRD), on Monday 17 February 2020. Faculty members from CCRD were briefed about the facilities available at PMD with regard to Climate science, Radar and Computer labs.

Mr. Burhan Ahmad, Meteorologist (R&D) at PMD apprised CCRD faculty about the Radar section and Numerical Weather Prediction Center. In radar section, Mr. Waqas gave a comprehensive presentation about Radar, its calibration process and functions. In Numerical Weather Prediction section, Mr. Burhan Ahmad briefed about short, medium and long-term forecasting. He discussed about Global Circulation Model (GCMs) for climate change impact assessment. Further, he explained about Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs), data collection and statistical downscaling.

During the visit it was discussed how CCRD and PMD can collaborate in future in terms of seminars and trainings. 

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