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D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation regarding Developing 8 Countries (Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey) is an intergovernmental organization for development cooperation among member countries. Officially announced through the Istanbul Declaration of Summit of Heads of State/ Government on June 15, 1977. Its Secretariat is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

As per the Decennial Roadmap (2020-2030) of D-8, Pioneer will establish and/or enhance the performance of the working groups on six priority areas: Trade, Agriculture and Food Security, Industry, Energy, Transportation and Connectivity and Tourism.

Leaders of D-8 during the 9th summit held in October 2017 in Istanbul supported the idea to establish a D-8 Research Centre and establish D-8 international university in Hamedan, Iran, to promote research and innovation activities among the member states with the aim to bring researchers, government, semi-government research institutes, industrial research institutes under one umbrella. Hence, D-8 also took the initiative to establish the Network of Pioneers for Research and Innovation (D-8 NPRI). 

In accordance with the Decision of the 9th D-8 Summit held in Istanbul, Turkey on 20th October 2017, the leaders of D-8 agreed to establish a “D-8 Project Support Fund” within the existing resources and adopt its Terms of Reference by the relevant body in order to assist the project implementation and further instruct the Council of Ministers to explore other financing options.

The Purpose of the D-8 Project Support Fund is to conduct activities and studies for the implementation of projects/programmes among the D-8 Member States and to conduct prefeasibility and feasibility studies for the implementation of projects/programmes which can bring benefits to the D-8 Member States equitably and to explore opportunity and new markets for the private sector of D-8 Members.

The purpose of establishing the D-8 Project Support Fund are:
(i) To conduct pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for implementation of the projects/programmes among the D-8 Member States;
(ii) To identify possible areas or potential sub-sector that could be explored for economic cooperation;
(iii) To assist the D-8 Member States to conduct analytical studies and other activities for possible implementation of common projects/programmes which can contribute to development of the D-8 Member States;
(iv) To explore opportunity and new markets for the private sector of D-8 Members to cooperate;
(v) To identify barrier to trade in order to facilitate the Customs and other relevant authorities of the D-8 Member States to increase the D-8 intra-trade; and
(vi) To enhance cooperation in other sectors of the D-8 priority areas such as Agriculture, Industry and SMEs, Energy, Transportation and Tourism.

For more information, please visit: http://developing8.org/d-8-project-support-fund/
P.S: For convenience TORs and Prescribed application form is attached. 

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