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Open Positions: The Network Science, Wireless and Security laboratory at Virginia Tech

The Network sciEnce, Wireless, and Security laboratory at Virginia Tech (NEWS@VT)  is a research group focused on developing fundamental mathematical tools and principles to design, develop, and build smart, secure, and self-organizing systems, with applications to networks, wireless systems, Internet of things (IoT) systems, smart power grids, and cyber-physical systems. Its research is largely interdisciplinary and draws upon tools from optimization, game theory, machine learning, statistics, control and economics to design and build networks and cyber-physical systems.
Currently focused on several research thrusts:
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for wireless networks.
  • Distributed and federated machine learning.
  • Wireless cellular and 6G networks.
  • Virtual reality over wireless networks.
  • Large intelligent surfaces and smart environments.
  • Integration of millimeter wave and sub-6 GHz cellular networks.
  • Wireless communications and networking using unmanned aerial vehicles and drones.
  • Autonomous vehicles over wireless networks.
  • The Internet of Things.
  • Age of information.
  • Behavioral game theory.
  • Smart cities and critical infrastructure.
  • Cyber-physical systems.
  • Data analytics.
  • Cybersecurity.

Open Positions

Graduate student positions (PhD and MS):
The NEWS@VT group is always on the look for exceptional graduate PhD/MS students having expertise and interest in one or more of our areas of research that include wireless networks, cybersecurity, smart grids, Internet of things, cyber-physical systems, game theory, optimization, social networks, and machine learning. We also welcome applicants with expertise in adjunct areas and with strong mathematical background.
Interested applicants must have a solid analytical background and a drive to pursue fundamental research as evidenced by a solid academic track record and early involvement in research during their studies. Prospective candidates should email their CV to Dr. Walid Saad (saad.walid AT gmail.com or walids AT vt.edu), specifying their key research interests as well as their academic credentials. Interested students are encouraged to also submit a formal application to Virginia Tech's ECE department.

Undergraduate research:
We welcome undergraduates who are interested in joining our research areas. Undergraduates with varying levels of expertise are encouraged to get in touch with our group. We often have funding to support such undergraduates. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact Dr. Walid Saad for further information.

Positions for visiting scholars:
We always welcome applications from visiting scholars at all levels (students, faculty, postdocs) who are interested to spend some time in our lab and get involved in our ongoing research activities. Please contact Dr. Walid Saad if you would like to visit our lab.

Postdoc positions:
The NEWS@VT group periodically has open positions for postdoctoral researchers with excellent research records, in terms of journal and conference publications. If you are interested in our research and believe your background is aligned with our activities, you are encouraged to contact Dr. Walid Saad for more information on the current vacancies, if any.

For more information please visit: http://www.netsciwis.com/