• Thursday, August 5, 2021

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FBA with Amazon is an incredible goldmine and the best time to join is right now! Amazon is the 4th biggest website in the world, and all its traffic is there purely to shop and spend money! It is time to create your own wholesale and privately labeled product and turn it into an Amazon Best Seller. 

If you currently have a job and are looking for better ways to make money, or if you are an entrepreneur looking to claim your share of the trillion dollars spent annually on Amazon... This course is your key to make a 7-figure passive income business. 

Inside this masterclass we walk you through Realtime hands on experiences from launching a bestselling Amazon product. We will hand you our exact step-by-step system starting with                  developing a brand new product, then helping you source it, and marketing it into a bestseller. 

Learning Outcomes:  

  1. Understand Ecommerce and Amazon FBA business model. 
  2. Professional in tools application and product hunting techniques. 
  3. Understand Amazon FBA Sourcing, Shipments, Calculations and Brand registry methods. 
  4. Identify the importance of cataloging, listing and perfect product page.  
  5. Demonstration of pre & post product launch techniques in Amazon FBA.   
  6. Analyze financial viability and maintain business ethics for your Amazon FBA. 
  7. Understanding local, regional, and international laws as per Amazon FBA model.   
  8. Utilization of hands on practical real time experience to be Pro in Amazon FBA. 

About the Resource Person: 

Dr. Nauman Ph.D. Accounting, professionally qualified Chartered Accountant, seasoned corporate trainer and international speaker.
He is President and CEO of eSkillVisor and Fiscal Group. Leading entities in the field of ecommerce training & management, taxation, auditing, and business advisory in Pakistan and GCC.

Dr. Nauman is determined to translate his international experience into employable skills platform that is eSkillVisor.com. His aim is to enable entrepreneurial culture and empower youth of Pakistan to transform their lives through local, regional, and international e-commerce, digital and technology platforms like AMAZON.

Discount policy: 

  • 30% discount for COMSATS Students / Faculty / Staff. 
  • 20% Group discount for 3rd participant onwards. 
  • 20% early bird discount for registrations 

Training Investment: PKR 24,000 / -  


Interested persons may register online by clicking “REGISTER” on the link: http://shorturl.at/dmsKP and submit their fee in advance. 

For further inquiries please email 
oric-pd@comsats.edu.pk or call 0340-0505570.

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