• Tuesday, October 5, 2021

  • CUI

  • CCRD

Seminar Content 1. ntroduction of the main training subjects and content

The seminar will discuss the promotion and management of biogas in developing countries with participant officials through lectures, symposiums, cloud visits, cloud cultural experience and other forms.

(1)  China's Basic National Conditions - introduces China’s politics, society, history, traditional culture, etc.

(2)  Overview of the Belt and Road Initiative - introduces the background of Belt and Road, its principle of achieving shared growth through collaboration, its significance, the Belt and Road Forum and international cooperation.

(3)  Status quo and Development of Biogas Technology in China – introduces the development history, models and support mechanism of China’s biogas.

(4)  Key Technologies on Using Straw as a Resource - introduces key technologies for the utilization of straws such as biogas, fuel ethanol, fertilizer, and feed.

(5)  Design of China’s Large and Medium Biogas Plants - introduces the process calculation of large and medium biogas plants, the design of each process unit, the selection of main equipment, site selection and layout, etc.

(6)  Quality Supervision Standards for Biogas Technology in China - introduces relevant quality standards and specifications for biogas products, equipment and household biogas.

(7)  Design and Construction of Rural Household Biogas Digesters - introduces the operation principles and technology of household biogas digesters, as well as the design and construction of household biogas digesters.

(8)  Operation and Management of China’s Large and Medium Biogas Plants - introduces the operation and management of large and medium biogas plants, as well as their role strategies in regional energy supply and agricultural core links.

(9)  Technology and Model of Rural Human Living Environment Management - introduces the development, main technologies and products of China's rural human living environment improvement.

(10)Biogas Power Generation Technology - introduces the latest policy status, development trend, technological progress and application of biogas power generation.

(11)Disposal of Solid and Liquid Digestate and its Environmental Benefits - introduces the basic characteristics, utilization methods and environmental impact of biogas digestate.

(12)Practice and Experience of China’s Rural Living Environment - introduces the achievements and experience of China's rural human living environment management.

The seminar take participants to cloud visit the Yongan Biogas Cooperative in Shuangliu district of Chengdu, the New Countryside Development of Shuangliu district of Chengdu, the workshops of Chengdu Shunmei International Trade Co., Ltd., the Rural Centralized Gas Supply Biogas Plant in Deyang, the Comprehensive Laboratory of BIOMA, and the Key Laboratory of Development and Application of Rural Renewable Energy, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China. Participants will also be arranged to cloud visit Badaling Great Wall, Forbidden City, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, and Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project in Sichuan, etc. Participants can experience the world's natural and cultural heritage and the development achievements of China's reform and opening.

The seminar also arrange online exchanges for participants and experts, including “Symposium on Biogas Technology and Promotion Management ", "Mid-term Summary and Q&A of the Seminar", " Summary and Exchange Meeting of the Seminar", etc. Through the Seminar, participants will get the general picture of biogas technology and development in China, realize that biogas development can change rural living environment and understand the significance of biogas in the development of new countryside, so the seminar can provide reference on biogas development and promotion for the recipient countries and promote exchanges and cooperation between China and other developing countries in the field of biogas.