• Wednesday, October 27, 2021

  • CUI

  • CCRD

CCRD is conducting a study titled “Feasibility Study of Provision of Safe Drinking Water through Water Conservation (SDWC)”. One of the main objectives of the study is to educate people about the sustainable use of water both indoor and outside. Schools are hub of students from different families and a source of quick information dispersion. Therefore, On October 22, 2021 a session on “Awareness Raising Activity on water conservation” has been organised at International Islamic University Islamabad School I-8/3 Islamabad. In this activity more than forty students participated very actively and happily. Ms. Shagufta, Branch Head, IIUI School, along with four teachers at the school provided support. In the start of activity, a student recited few verses from Holy Quran in a melodious voice. After recitation, Dr. Toqeer Ahmad, Assistant Professor, CCRD, CUI, introduced his team and briefed the participants about the nature and objectives of the project. Moreover, he highlighted the importance and tips for water conservation. A detailed lecture was delivered by Ms. Saima Naz, Research Associate of the D-8 funded project, regarding importance of water, current water condition of Pakistan, water conservation, importance of water conservation and tips for water conservation. During the lecture, simple questions were asked to the students and they respond very actively. Most of them answered correctly and prizes were given to the active participants. Ms. Shagufta, Branch Head, IIUI School, gave the concluding remarks and finally, souvenirs were distributed among the teachers who prepared the students for this activity. Indeed it was a successful event and students really enjoyed the activity.