• Friday, May 20, 2022

  • CUI

  • CS

Seminar on "Exploring the horizons of Information and communication technologies".


Mr. Naveed Ramzan (General secretary, Agile society of Pakistan. He will deliver talk on Industrial career opportunities).

Mr. Qaseem Ramzan (Founder Toggletech. He will deliver talk on career opportunities in online world).

It was great pleasure to host Mr. Naveed Ramzan, Secretary General Agile Society of Pakistan and Mr. Qaseem Ramzan Founder Toggletech. They both have an interactive sessions with first three semester students on "exploring the horizons in information and Communication technologies" in industry as well as online world.

Mr. Muhammad Rashid Mukhtar, convenor ILC and Dr. Majid Iqbal, Head Department of Computer Science also expressed their views about future possibilities.

Dr. Majid Iqbal presented the shields to our respected guest speakers.

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