• Friday, August 5, 2022

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Dr. Muhammad Latif (Assistant Professor), administrator of Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR) group, Department of Meteorology, CUI, delivered a talk titled “Monitoring Drought in Pakistan: Teleconnections and Uncertainties in Changing Climate” in virtual capacity building workshop on Establishment of ECO-SDI to Combat the Challenge of Food Security in the ECO region, jointly organized by the Survey of Pakistan and Geological Survey of Pakistan in collaboration with Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) on 5-7 July, 2022 at Survey Training Institute (STI), Islamabad. Dr. Latif talked about the drought and its potential impacts on food security and various socio-economic sectors, historical drought patterns over Pakistan and its relationship to global teleconnections, uncertainties in global climate models in simulating the past and future drought conditions, as well as an advanced approach towards the association of NDVI & LULC changes with equivalent temperature. In the concluding statement, he suggested the most appropriate datasets (observed, reanalysis, satellite, and climate model) which need to be enlisted in NSDI guidelines for addressing drought-induced food insecurity issues in Pakistan.