• Tuesday, November 17, 2015

  • CUI

  • Lahore Campus

SPSS and STATA Workshop was held on November 4, 2015. It was organized by Centre of Excellence for   Research in Management Sciences (CERM), Lahore, in collaboration with International Maize and Wheat   Improvement Centre (CIMMYT) under USAID’s Agricultural Innovation Program, in Pakistan. All the   expenses of the said workshop including tea, lunch, certificates for participants and shields for chief   guest and organizers were born by CIMMYT Pakistan.  

The workshop was started at sharp 9:00 am with the Recitation of Quran and introductory remarks by   Dr. Hafiz Zahid Mahmood, Incharge Centre of Excellence for Research in Management Sciences. It is   worth mentioning that 33 students of MS and PhD programmes participated in this capacity building   workshop. It was organized in three sessions (9:00-10:40, 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-17:00 hours) including   twenty minutes tea break and lunch break for an hour. Moreover, another tea session was held after   ending the workshop. The resource persons, Dr. Noor Ul Ameen and Dr. Farrukh Shahzad of Statatistics   department/ Statistics Consultancy Centre delivered SPSS contents during the workshop. Moreover, Dr.   Akhter Ali, a resource person from CIMMYT Pakistan Delivered contents of STATA. We are highly   grateful to Head Department of Management Sciences, Computer Science, Statistics and Statistics   Consultancy centre for providing us manpower and infrastructural support to hold such a successful   workshop. 

Dr. Qaisar Abbas, Director COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, presided over the   closing ceremony. Moreover, worthy Director and Head Academics and Research (Dr. Saleem Farooq   Shaukat) jointly distributed certificates and shields amongst the participants, organizers and honorable   guests. The event was ended with the concluding remarks of the worthy Director.

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