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  • Sunday, September 10, 2017

  • CIIT

  • Shama Munir

The Department of Management Sciences organized two days awareness and capacity building workshop on Islamic Finance, especially designed for bank employees and Shariah Scholars of Wah and surrounding areas. The event was sponsored by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). A total of 80 participants i.e., 50 Shariah Scholars (Mufti and Ulama) and 30 bank employees, including 10 female attended the workshop.

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Capacity Building Workshop

  • Monday, August 7, 2017

  • Business

  • Shama Munir - ITC Wah

UNESCO Chair on Knowledge Systems for IWRM nominated Lecturer, Ms. Sumera Fahmi Khan of Civil Engineering Department to attend a training workshop titled “Downscaling Global Climate Models for Future Projections of Climate in Pakistan” from May 2-6, 2016 in Islamabad. The workshop was organized by Pakistan Metrological Department (PMD) in collaboration with the Regional Integrated Multi- Hazard Early-Warning System (RIMES), Thailand.

The training workshop aimed to enhance the capacity of young professionals on improved techniques for climate change assessment including selection of General Circulation Models (GCMs), Bias Correction, Downscaling of the corrected output. The training involves user capacity building for application, as well as generation of future climate projections over Pakistan.