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  • Thursday, November 9, 2017

  • CIIT

  • International Office

Prof. Dr. Ali Mohammed B. Hawsawi, Cultural Attaché, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan along with Director (Academic Departments) Lafi Snehat AlMutairi, and Officer University Relations, Abdul Waheed Mirza, visited CIIT on Wednesday 8th November 2017.

Dr. Arshad Malik, Head International Office along with Program Officer. Sameera Ellahi, warmly welcomed the guests and bouquets were presented. The guests visited the ‘Junaid Zaidi Library’ and appreciated its ambiance and the state-of-the-art books check-in and check-out electronic system. The visitors also appreciated the different country-specific book corners and showed willingness in opening a Saudi book corner in the library as well.

The acting Rector, Prof. Dr. Khalid Riaz, along with other Officials and senior advisors who had served in Saudi Arabia attended the meeting. Professor Dr. Khalid Riaz gave a brief introduction about CIIT and its research standing and national and international rankings. Dr. Malik briefed the visitors about the number of International students and the International faculty members serving at CIIT. He also shared the details of CIIT’s collaborations with different countries in the world.

One important focus of the meeting was also to seek accreditation of CIIT by the relevant Saudi higher education authorities which is a prerequisite for academic collaboration with the Saudi Universities.

Dr. Hawsawi appreciated the efforts and the achievements of CIIT in different areas in a relatively short span of 17 years, and assured of his fullest support for CIIT’s accreditation from the Saudi authorities. He further suggested that CIIT may identify the potential fields and the Saudi HEIs with which there was a strong desire for collaboration. Some areas identified were joint research projects, student/faculty exchanges, scholarships for both faculty and students, and also initiating an Arabic Study Center in collaboration with the Saudi Cultural Mission in Islamabad.

The meeting concluded with the exchange of souvenirs from both sides and a group photograph.

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