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  • Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Five Postdoctoral Fellowships offered by National Research Centre (NRC), Egypt, to the researchers and scholars belonging to COMSATS’ Member States. CUI being the member can capitalize the fully funded opportunities in the following five fields:

1. Biomaterials for Medical Applications (offered by the Inorganic Chemical Industries and Mineral Resources Research Division). The candidate should be a Ph. D. holder in Inorganic Chemistry, with B. Sc. from Faculty of Science, Chemistry

2. Textile Chemistry and Technology (offered by the Textile Research Division). The candidate should be Ph. D. holder in Organic Chemistry (Textile Chemistry and Technology), or Chemical Engineering, or Textile Engineering. 

3. Plant Biotechnology (offered by the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Division). The candidate should be Ph. D. holder in Science or Agriculture (background in Plant Science including Plant Biochemistry and Plant Genetics).

4. Synthesis of Nano-material as Electro-catalyst for Fuel Cell Application OR Nanoparticles for Solar Energy Conversion (offered by the Engineering Research Division). The candidate should have background in Physical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, and Chemical Engineering.

5. Polymers Synthesis and Application. The candidate should have good experience in Synthesis of Polymer, and the Application of Polymer in Plastic, Paintings, or Rubber.

This may kindly be distributed among the faculty members of your department with the request to get maximum. Thanks.

  • Tuesday, August 7, 2018

  • CIIT

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  • Tuesday, August 7, 2018

  • CIIT

  • International Office

Brief Description:

The University of Adelaide offers Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) to attract high quality overseas postgraduate students to areas of research strength in the University of Adelaide to support its research effort.

Course Level: Masters/PhD Degree

Subject(s): Any Master’s degree by Research or Doctoral Research Degree offered at the University.

Grants: The scholarship includes course tuition fees, annual living allowance ($27,082 in 2018), and overseas student health cover (if award holder holds a subclass 500 visa).

The scholarship is awarded for two years for a Master’s degree by Research and three years for a Doctoral research degree (an extension is possible for doctoral programs only),


In order to be eligible, applicants are required to have successfully completed at least the equivalent of an Australian First Class Honors degree (this is a four year degree with a major research project in the final year). All qualifying programs of study must be successfully completed.  Scholarships will be awarded on academic merit and research potential. Extra-curricular achievements are not considered. International applicants must not hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to an Australian Research Doctorate degree or, if undertaking a Research Master’s degree, not hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to or higher than an Australian Research Master’s degree. International applicants who have not provided evidence of their meeting the minimum English language proficiency requirements for direct entry by the scholarship closing date, or who have completed a Pre-Enrolment English Program to meet the entry requirements for the intended program of study, are not eligible. Candidates are required to enroll in the University of Adelaide as ‘international students’ and must maintain ‘international student’ status for the duration of their enrolment in the University. Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia, and citizens of New Zealand are ineligible.

Deadline: 31 Jan/30 Apr 2018 (annual)

For more detail about eligibility and how to apply, please       

  • Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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Brief Description:

The Skoll Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for incoming MBA students to the University of Oxford who pursue entrepreneurial solutions for urgent social and environmental challenges. The Scholarship provides funding and exclusive opportunities to meet with world-renowned entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and investors.

Course Level: MBA Degree

Subject(s): Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Grants: Tuition and college fees for the MBA programme as well as partial living expenses based on need, up to an additional £8,000.


1. Entrepreneurial action

  •  Have identified opportunities and taken action in order to make positive social impact
  •  Have spent preferably at least 3 years driving change through entrepreneurial approaches. For example, you could have:
    • – Started or grown a social venture
    • – OR led the expansion of a social impact initiative within an organisation
    • – OR been tackling a specific social/environmental issue, through a core thread that unites your work

2. Creating impact with a focus on systems change

  • Can demonstrate the outcomes and impact of your entrepreneurial action
  • Impact addresses unjust systems and practise in your area of work

3. Personal qualities of a social entrepreneur

  •  You are a force for positive change
  •  You are single-minded and persistent, with a willingness to fail and start again
  •  You have bias toward action
  •  You have a tendency to explore your environment for opportunities and resources
  •  You have a willingness to take personal, and sometimes financial, risks
  •  You develop networks and leverage members to pursue mutual goals

Deadline:  7 Sept / 2 Nov 2018

For more detail about eligibility and how to apply, please visit:

  • Monday, August 6, 2018

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