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  • Friday, June 10, 2022

  • CUI

  • Shama Munir

Department of Mechanical Engineering AIAA CUI Wah Chapter arranged Water Rocket Competition at Campus ground on Thursday 2nd June, 2022. About 60 students across 5 different Universities including HITEC, University of Wah, UET Taxila, CUST Islamabad and COMSATS Wah participated in the event.

The students, working in groups of four, were tasked to design and construct a rocket using simple materials and creating the conditions for optimal aerodynamics that could achieve the greatest distance when launched at an angle of 45 degrees.

The students were allowed to build the rockets, using materials like plastic bottles, foot pumps, clay blocks, electrical wiring tape, as well as grocery bags and plastic folder sheets. Teams could only power the rockets using water and air pressure propulsion, and were encouraged to design and experiment with creative nose cones and fins for their rockets to achieve maximum Range, Time of Flight and Height.

The teams had three attempts to test the longest distance their rocket could reach. After careful deliberation, judging panel from Mechanical Engineering Department of Comsats

University, Wah Campus selected Our HITEC University as the winner, with All Comsats University, Wah Campus as the first runner up and University of Wah as the second runner up. Capital University of Science & Technology was nominated for the Best Design Award. We congratulate the winning teams.

The President of AIAA CUI Wah Chapter said: “We are delighted to bring in the best and brightest future engineers and challenge them with this competition. We had some extraordinary entries and we congratulate the participants on completing the Water Rocket Competition. We hope that they are inspired to pursue further studies for an exciting and diverse career in engineering. We also thank te Core Team of AIAA Society for their support and for making this challenge a success.

Operating on the principle of Newton’s third law of motion, the water rocket concept aims to prepare all prospective aviation engineers who are looking to enroll in the field of Aviation and aviation related programmes.

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