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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2017

  • Scholarships

  • Kamran Lashari

Loughborough University - [PhD Research Project]
The development of next generation thin film solar cells

Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology - [International PhD Programme (Spain)]
Calls for PhD fellowships at BIST research centres

University of Reading - [PhD Research Project]
A pressure governing approach for modelling of variable flow systems in Building Performance Simulation (BPS) tools

University College London - [PhD Research Project]
Multiscale imaging for the investigation of catalysts and zeolites

University of Leeds - [PhD Research Project]
Single-cell Nanobiopsy: a nanorobotics tool to study virus infection

University of Liverpool - [PhD Research Project]
Spectrum awareness in smart dynamic spectrum access systems

Northumbria University - [PhD Research Project]
"DustSafeUK": investigating potentially harmful elements in house dusts to characterise human exposure to hazardous agents in the home environment (Advert Reference: FAC17/GEO/ENTWISTLE)

University College London - [PhD Research Project]
Exploring the modelling of behaviour and context using deep learning under constrained computing platforms with applications to Digital Health

University of Southampton - [PhD Research Project]
Nanostructured Photonic Metamaterials on Fibre-optic Platforms

University of Reading - [PhD Research Project]
Internet of Things - Personal Environments for Support of Dementia or other Long Term Health Conditions

University of Manchester - [4 Year PhD Programme]
Wellcome Trust 4-year PhD Programme in Quantitative and Biophysical Biology

University of Nottingham - [PhD Research Project]
The development and ultimately commercialisation of a new industrial process for sustainable polymer manufacturing

University of Oxford - [PhD Research Project]
EPSRC Industrial CASE studentship: Confidence estimation in accelerated quantitative MRI: application to cardiac T1/T2 mapping

University of Leeds - [PhD Research Project]
Engineering the energy gap: Re-examining drag reduction through the interplay between surface and fluid properties

University of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project]
Engineering Ralstonia eutropha to convert CO2/waste stream into useful chemicals using a synthetic biology approach