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  • Tuesday, February 14, 2017

  • Scholarships

  • Kamran Lashari

We spend a lot of time thinking about postgraduate funding on our blog ("") and in our detailed guides (""). But what if there were ways to reduce the cost of a Masters in the first place?

Though we cant lower your tuition fees (sorry) we can think of a few ways to save money as a postgraduate. And, seeing as its National Student Money Week (""), weve shared a few ("").

Funding is great, if you can get it. But how can you make yours go further? Or reduce the amount you need?

Weve picked out five ways to save money during a Masters (""). Some of them might surprise you.

In the News,

Wales announces postgraduate loans for 2017 ("")
The Welsh Government was already working on ambitious postgraduate funding plans for 2018, but its now been confirmed that Masters loans will be offered in the meantime.

Better yet, this support will match that offered in England (""), with up to £10,280 available for a taught or research Masters degree in any subject. Weve updated our guide ("") with all the details.

Editors Picks,

Whats a Masters worth? ("")
Saving money during a Masters is one thing, but what could your degree be worth when you graduate? We recently looked at some employment and earnings statistics.

Types of Masters ("")
Postgraduate study is incredibly varied - particularly at Masters level. Are you aware of all the options available to you? Our simple introductions will make sure.

Masters funding across the UK ("")
Looking for postgraduate support in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Our guide takes a look at scholarships, funding schemes and Masters loans across the UK.