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  • Monday, June 19, 2017

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University of Edinburgh - [PhD Research Project]
Magnetic sensing of molecular materials with tuneable liquid crystal lasers
University of Manchester - [PhD Research Project]
Understanding and Developing Student Prepardness
University of Warwick - [PhD Research Project]
Reaction mechanisms of natural gas in a novel low carbon, low energy alternative iron making process
University College Dublin - [PhD Research Project]
Novel technologies for real-time non-destructive monitoring of activity of enzymes.
Cranfield University - [PhD Research Project]
Developing an innovative framework to enable the creation of a fully representative Digital Twin for the aircraft lifecycle
University College London - [PhD Research Project]
3-year PhD studentship in Materials Chemistry: the development of nanostructured materials as multifunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging contrast agents
Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Lancaster - [PhD Research Project]
Modelling the response of soil and vegetation to agri-environment options
University of Westminster - [PhD Research Project]
Wastewater treatment using microbial fuel cells
Newcastle University - [PhD Research Project]
Investigating Cooperative - ITS to deliver Infrastructure as a Service
University of Exeter - [PhD Research Project]
Remote sensing and DEEP learning for early warning of WATER hazards (DeepWater)
University of Sheffield - [PhD Research Project]
Application of Additive Manufacturing to Highly Efficient Industrial Gas Turbines and Advanced Gas Turbine Component Design
Cardiff University - [PhD Research Project]
The development and manufacture of mini-vascular networks to provide damage immunity for construction materials
University of Southampton - [PhD Research Project]
Ground support and modelling through railway switches & crossings and transitions
Ulster University - [PhD Research Project]
PhD Studentship in Hierarchical carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites utilising graphene nanoflakes
University College London - [4 Year PhD Programme]
Delivering Quantum Technologies - Three Industrial Track Doctoral Studentships