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  • Friday, February 8, 2019

  • CUI

  • International Office

A three member delegation from the US Embassy, Islamabad visited COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) on February 6, 2019. The delegation was led by Mr. Mathew Singer, Country Cultural Affairs Attache, US Embassy, Islamabad accompanied by Ms. Nadia Kamran, Senior Cultural Affairs Specialist, Academic and Cultural Affairs, Head of Programs Team and Mr. Muhammad Ali Hashmi, Arts and Graphic Assistant.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss future avenues of cooperation and opportunities between COMSATS University Islamabad and US Embassy, Islamabad. The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Ali Tawab Baloch, Head International Office along-with his team. The delegates were shown different facilities and infrastructure of CUI Islamabad campus. They visited the Junaid Zaidi Library, Student Service Center and Faculty Café and were shown state-of-the-art facilities available for the students and faculty of CUI. The delegates also visited COMSATS Arts Gallery where Ms. Farrah Mahmood, Associate Professor, COMSATS Art Gallery Department, Islamabad Campus showed her creative art works which were greatly appreciated.

The Head IO formally had meeting with the delegation. He gave brief presentation about CUI. The Head IO shared his inclination towards working with the US Embassy. During the meeting, Mr. Mathew Singer informed that the US Embassy will soon be announcing huge funding opportunities for students and faculty members including Fulbright Scholarship Program. They will keep IO informed about the opportunities for timely dissemination of information and participation of student/faculty members of CUI. The Head, IO assured that IO will spread the information in all its seven campuses.

Ms. Farrah Mahmood also attended the meeting and introduced her thesis work on “Naqashi of the Maryam Zamani Mosque” and highlighted the importance of Heritage Preservation.  Mr. Mathew Singer shared that many funding opportunities will be announced in the field of Historic Preservation and Architecture which could be of great benefit to the faculty of CUI.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks and spirit of working together by the two organizations.

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