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  • Friday, September 13, 2019

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The Inter Islamic Network on Information Technology (INIT), in collaboration with the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) and TWAS Young Affiliates Network, Tunisia is organizing 5th International Conference on “Agriculture, Biotechnology and Food Security: Role of ICTs” on November 4 – 6, 2019 at Monastir, Republic of Tunisia. The Conference aims to provide a forum for academicians, scientists, researchers, technologists and faculty members to update their knowledge and share experiences on the recent developments in the fields of information and technology that could directly impact the issues related to Agriculture, Biotechnology and Food Security. The Conference will recommend policies and strategies to mitigate the problems and propose solutions pertaining to Agriculture, Biotechnology and Food Security with the intervention of ICTs in the common Member States of OIC and COMSATS.

For further details, the brochure is attached below