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  • Wednesday, September 16, 2020

  • CUI

  • Web team

Open Days at University of Tuscia, Italy

 University of Tuscia (Italy) organizing online International Open Day, which will be repeated in two different dates: 

16 September at 15:30 CET                  Meet:   

Pakistan Standard time: 18:30 


17 September at 11:00 CET                  Meet: 

Pakistan Standard time 14:00 


Following topics will be covered: 

· Our university and the town of Viterbo 

· Scholarships, facilities, language courses and support for international students 

· Presentation of the programs and courses we offer 

· Testimonials: being an international student in Viterbo 

There will be space for Q&A and interaction among participants. 

Note that prospective international students interested in carrying out a study experience in Italy should use the University website: 

Moreover, the access to facilities - libraries, laboratories, multimedia rooms - is not affected by high numbers of attendees. 

Other useful information can be retrieved at given below link