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  • Thursday, October 15, 2020

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ICIQ is looking for young, highly talented and motivated students from the national and international community who wish to do their PhD with a four-year contract funded by the Spanish State Research Agency / Ministry of Science and Innovation in the frame of the call for contracts for the training of doctors 2020 for Severo Ochoa Centres of Excellence.

The current call offers 5 positions. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to join one of ICIQ’s research groups and carry out their research in the frame of ICIQ’s Severo Ochoa programme within the research lines of “Innovative Catalysis for Sustainable Chemical Processes” and “Renewable Energy Vectors and Feedstock from Sunlight“

We encourage highly talented students to apply for one of these grants to pursue doctoral studies at ICIQ, one of the world-leading centers in chemical research.

Level of Study: PHD


· Groups Antonio M. Echavarren / Feliu Maseras, INNOVATIVE CATALYSIS FOR SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL PROCESSES I (Design and synthesis of new catalysts for the activation of acetylene and terminal alkynes), reference: CEX2019-000925-S-20-1,

· Groups Mónica H. Pérez Temprano / José Ramón Galán-Mascarós, INNOVATIVE CATALYSIS FOR SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL PROCESSES II (Novel electrocatalytical strategies for valorization of natural feedstocks), reference CEX2019-000925-S-20-2,

· Groups Antoni Llobet / Carles Bo, INNOVATIVE CATALYSIS FOR SUSTAINABLE CHEMICAL PROCESSES III (Oligomeric transition metal complexes as molecular redox catalysts for energy relevant transformation: an experimental and theoretical approach), reference CEX2019-000925-S-20-3,

· Groups Julio Lloret Fillol / Núria López, RENEWABLE ENERGY VECTORS AND FEEDSTOCK FROM SUNLIGHT I (Design and Development of New Reticular Materials for Electro catalytic CO2 Reduction to Fuels), reference CEX2019-000925-S-20-4,

· Groups Elisabet Romero / Pau Ballester, RENEWABLE ENERGY VECTORS AND FEEDSTOCK FROM SUNLIGHT II (The Role of Coherence in Enhancing the Efficiency of Light Harvesting and Charge Separation in Photosynthesis), reference CEX2019-000925-S-20

Deadline: 27 October 2020 (14:00)

For further details please click the given below university official link:

Please contact for any queries or assistance.