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  • Monday, September 27, 2021

  • CUI

  • International Office

A pre-departure briefing session was organized on 22nd September 2021 by the International Office to guide the newly selected exchange students of Architecture Department who shall be proceeding to Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey in Fall 2021.  For this purpose, Ms. Ariba Shabbir, a former alumnus of the program was invited to share her experiences and  knowledge and further guide and answer questions of the students about Turkey’s life, culture,  educational environment at METU etc..

During the session, Ms. Areeba briefly shared her experience and undersored that when she got opportunity for semester exchange at METU she decided to attend METU for several reasons. One of these was that  METU was among the best University of Architecture in the Turkey. Further she saw the gain of being able to study with students coming from different cultures and backgrounds.  On top METU offers a support system designed to help one have an ultimate study abroad experience as the Turkish education style emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach, research focus and greater independence. These will help every student’s journey by giving one the tools to succeed.

During the Q/A session students asked about Turkey.  It was informed that Turkey presents  a lifetime experience.  One has to learn to live on his/her own, make decisions on one’s own, and face situations that one has to deal independently.  All this makes one grow up and become mature.  Studies are flexible with more choice to choose subjects of one liking even if different from core specialization fields.  Turkish are very friendly and helpful so all challenges can be tackled.  Learning basic Turkish is a must.

The students were happy to hear all this and felt more motivated and energized for their academic journey ahead.  The session ended on a note of thanks for both the selected students who attended, namely Ms. Shayzal Ahmed and Wajeeha Fatima and the former alumni Ms. Ariba Shabbir. 

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