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  • Thursday, November 25, 2021

  • CUI

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The COMSTECH TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION PORTAL is a digital platform to showcase the prowess of scientists, innovators from the OIC world. The portal is in line with the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Agenda 2026 initiated by The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). It creates an ecosystem for bridging key actors to showcase innovative solutions and technologies that tackle the biggest challenges within the OIC World. It provides an ecosystem to build a culture of science and innovation amongst the Muslim nations. 


The portal enables the innovation ecosystem including innovators, startups, SMEs, academics, governments, and NGOs, to benefit from this tailored digital database. The portal will drive meaningful change to millions of people across the OIC Member Countries by giving every scientist, technologist, and innovator the opportunity to make a difference to the Muslim world. 



  • The portal will provide a platform to help exchange information about the emerging and existent technologies originating from the OIC Member countries. This will result in intra–OIC interactions, and business engagements.  
  • Will provide platform for companies / organization / R7D Institutions to showcase their products/services to reach out to potential end users, investors, etc.  
  • it will help in connecting ideas / prototypes to potential investors.  
  • It is a user-friendly portal to connect the relevant users with relevant technology.  
  • It will facilitate industry and Academia collaboration through a robust interface.  


Current Areas of Focus: 

  • National Sciences / Biosciences 
  • Engineering Technology 
  • Agriculture / Food 
  • Environment and Climate Change 
  • Energy 
  • Medical and Health Sciences 
  • Educational Technologies  
  • Information & Communication Technologies  

More information can be obtained from: