Monday, January 25, 2021

About Us


Mr. Aumair Qayyum
(Head CISCO Regional Academy)

Phone #: 051-9049-5222, E-mail:

Welcome to CUI- Cisco Regional Networking Academy, The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a comprehensive e-learning instructor led program that provides students with the Internet technology skills essential in a global economy. The Networking Academy delivers web-based content, online assessment, student performance tracking, hands-on labs, instructor training and support, and preparation for industry standard certifications.

Since 2001 CUI has been working in partnership with Cisco Systems to develop local academies for the Cisco Networking Academy Program. The primary focus of these academies is to train network specialists, IT technicians, engineers, and professionals in the skills necessary for success in the field of Internet technology.

In the past 10 years CUI has provided training and support to local academy instructors and students in CUI and in public/private sector universities local academies throughout the Pakistan. The CUI-CRA currently administers 25 local academies and has trained around two hundred instructors for the local academies (including its own).