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Posted on: Monday, August 29, 2016

Centre for Policy Studies and Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) organized a three-day workshop on International Relations and Diplomacy for university students, faculty members, graduates, young professionals and researchers. The programme was designed to give the participants an exposure to practical application of diplomacy in the backdrop of international and global scenario in the conduct of bilateral and multilateral relations. In addition to speakers from diplomatic missions based in Islamabad, visits were arranged to the US and Turkish embassies. A dinner was hosted by CIIT Rector, Dr. S. M. Junaid Zaidi for the participants and resource persons. The patronage of Dr. Zaidi was inspiring both for CPS and IPDS.

The topics covered communication and public diplomacy; environmental diplomacy, trade and economic diplomacy; multi-track diplomacy; mediation and negotiations; dynamics and determinants of Pakistan’s foreign policy; Pakistan and the UN: development and peacekeeping; SCO; European Union and ASEAN. The highpoint of the workshop was simulation exercise on Deteriorating Security Situation in Afghanistan: Kunduz September /October 2015. The participants were required to simulate the meeting of UNAMA with role playing representing major countries present in Afghanistan. This exercise provided an opportunity to the participants to an international environment where they had to study the position of various countries represented in the exercise.

Speaking at the inaugural session UN Resident Coordinator, Mr. Neil Buhne mentioned about the positive developments that have taken place in Pakistan in terms of gender and prominent female diplomats, education and infrastructure development. He underscored the role of the United Nations and multilateral diplomacy and the challenges posed by transnational situation as well as globalization that had on the one hand increased interaction among states and societies on the other hand had enhanced different risks such as terrorism, extremism and refugee crisis. He also alluded to the rise of far right elements in various societies and religious traditions. He emphasized that the UN mission accords priority to Pakistan which is reflected in various recent reports of the UN missions based in Islamabad. In her welcome remarks Mrs. Farhat Asif of the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies briefed about her Institute and the International Young Diplomatic School which was holding its first activity in collaboration with CPS. Ambassador Fauzia Nasreen, Head, CPS in her opening remarks talked about the changing nature of diplomacy and the growing importance of multilateral diplomacy given the globalized scenario and the transnational nature of the prevailing environment.

At the end of the workshop certificates were handed over to the participants of the workshop along with the key organizing members of the workshop. His Excellency Mr. Piotr A. Opalinski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland was the chief guest for the occasion. In his remarks he elaborated on the historical and present day context of relationship between Pakistan and Poland. Significant aspect of this historical linkage was the role of Polish military officers in building the strength of Pakistan Armed Forces soon after the independence of Pakistan. He especially mentioned about the prominent Air Force officers one of whom laid down his life defending Pakistan. While thanking Ambassador Opalinski, Ambassador Fauzia Nasreen, recalled the upward development of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Poland during her tenure as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Poland. She mentioned about the major events during this period especially Poland’s membership of the European Union and internal transformations taking place in the region at that time.

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