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Posted on: Friday, December 9, 2016

Centre for Policy Studies, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology with the collaboration of Muslim Institute has organized a seminar on “Mystical Teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo and Modern Era” on 8th December, 2016.

The purpose of the seminar was sharing of knowledge and understanding different research approaches in the field of mysticism. The scholars and experts focused on different theoretical aspects of Mysticism and presented the Mystical Teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo and related it with the challenges of modern world.

In introductory remarks Chairman Muslim Institute Shaibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali welcomed the participants and gave a detailed presentation on Mystical Teachings of Hazrat Sultan bahoo. He explained that Mystical Teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo are much relevant to the modern world as it is based on love fraternity and piety of inner soul.

Speaking to the audience Dr. Alia Sohail Khan, Principal Government Post Graduate College for Women, Rawalpindi, explained the concept of “Hoo” in Sultan Bahoo’s teachings. She also briefly discussed about epistemology and ontology on Mystisism. She concluded that the main theme of Sufi teachings is “Oneness of God”.

Dr. Talib Hussain Sial, Former Director, Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD) from International Islamic University, Islamabad expressed that Sultan Bahoo’s philosophy is much relevant for the resolution of conflicts prevailing in the modern world. He concluded his lecture that ethical and moral development of society can be ensured through deeper understanding of mysticism particularly the teachings of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo.

Dr. Mujeeb Ahmed, Chairperson, History Department, International Islamic University, Islamabad gave his presentation on “Heart Deeper than Oceans” in the philosophy of Sultan Bahoo. He expresses the importance of “Heart” and its connection with spirituality and inner self in the light of Sultan Bahoo’s teachings. He concluded that purification of heart and inner self is still relevant to resolve the complex challenge of modern world. In interactive session, participants asked questions related to Sufi teachings from the presenters.

The Chief guest Admiral (Retd) Mr. Asif Sandila, Former Chief of Naval Staff highlighted the importance of Mystical Teachings and significance of knowledge sharing activities. Ambassador Fauzia Nasreen, Head, Centre for Policy Studies thanked the participants of the seminar. The seminar was followed by Sufi Musical Performance.

Musical ceremony was attended by a delegation of International Conference of Historians of Asia organized by Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. Addressing the musical ceremony, Portuguese Ambassador, H.E. Dr. Joao Paulo Sabido Costa expressed the importance of Sufi heritage. Professor Mahroof Shah from Jammu and Kashmir and Professor Shah Alam from Bangladesh also spoke on this occasion. Imran Shoukat Ali and Raja Hamid Ali , folk singers performed in this musical ceremony.

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