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  1. To create and execute a research agenda that promotes rigorous evidence-based public policy-making, analysis, and its implementation.

  2. To create better awareness and understanding and create a societal debate on policy issues of vital importance through timely dialogues, conferences, seminars and workshops

  3. To provide the short and medium term manpower needs through executive training programs for public and private sectors in public policy and related disciplines.

  4. To initiate a post graduate degree program in public policy for addressing long-term needs of preparing a cadre of public policy analysts and professionals that are well-versed in the arts and sciences of public policy-making and its implementation.

  5. To forge partnerships with centers of excellence within and outside the country for joint research, training and academic programs.

  6. To pro-actively provide policy recommendations and input to the national and local Government in facilitating the e-Government efforts for better service delivery to citizens.

  7. To serve as a bridge between various stakeholders such as the academia, industry and Government for promotion of evidence-based policy research carried out by qualified and knowledgeable faculty and experts with the aim to promote the public awareness.


Centre for Policy Studies
CUI IRM Building, Park Road
Chak Shehzad Islamabad.


Phone: +92 (51) 8435054
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