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CPS Organization Structure

Leadership and Oversight

A number of entities / committees shall provide executive leadership and oversight.

a) Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board shall comprise of eminent personalities from academic, industry-businesses, public service, and civil society. The Advisory Board will debate and approve the Centre’s research agenda and set direction for future development of the Centre. It shall also provide guidance to the Centre Director on improving the research performance and impact of the Centre. To this effect, the Advisory Board shall constitute two sub-committees to this effect, namely, the Agenda Sub-committee and the Research Review Sub-committee. The Advisory Board shall also help the Centre Director to formulate a 3-year strategic plan for the Centre. The Advisory Board shall also support the Centre’s fundraising activity and will serve as a sounding board for collaborations and other initiatives launched by the Centre. The Board shall meet at least six monthly to discuss and highlight various issues deemed relevant for research.

Core Centre Staff

In addition to these executive, advisory, and oversight bodies, the Centre shall have a core team of staff headed by the Centre Director. CPS core functions are sub-divided into three streams of activities, namely, Research, Academics, and Administration,. These are illustrated in the figure below:

The various roles are described below:

a) Centre Director

The Centre Director shall be the Executive Head of the CPS and responsible for its smooth and efficient functioning, ensuring fulfillment of its aims and objectives for which he may formulate and enforce appropriate policy guidelines and byelaws. He shall act as the Chief Coordinator for all the CPS activities between the BoGs and the Patron/Controlling Authority. The Centre Director shall also have the primary= responsibility for executing the strategic plan for the Centre and, in particular, meeting the fundraising and future growth targets of the Centre.

b) Administration

The Deputy Director (Administration) shall be responsible for administrative operation of the Centre. He shall act as chief coordinating staff who will keep himself abreast of all matters in the absence of the Director. In order for the Centre to seamlessly deliver on its research and academic objectives, the Deputy Director (Admin) shall provide support to Research and Academics in four key aspects of the Centre’s operation, namely, Human Resources, Procurement and Logistics, Facilities and Events, and Coordination with CUI.

c) Research

The Coordinator – Research shall lead the research program at the Centre for Policy Studies. S/he shall be responsible for working with the Centre Staff to formulate and continuously update the research agenda of the Centre and for making recommendations to the Centre Director for hiring of talent – including Senior Fellows, Research Fellows, and Research Assistants – to execute upon the research agenda. The Deputy Director – Research shall be responsible for advising the Centre Director on all matters of relevance to research performance and productivity of research staff and for instituting appropriate policies to ensure quality and effectiveness in the Centre’s research output. The Deputy Director – Research shall be Editor-in-Chief of the Centre’s Journal and may approve all research output through the concurrence of the Research Review Board.

d) Academics

The Coordinator – Academics shall be the chief academic officer of the Centre for Policy Studies. The Deputy Director – Academics shall be responsible for formulating and managing the academic program of the Centre. S/he will be responsible for formulating the executive training program at the Centre. S/he will also be responsible for liaising with various schools and departments at CUI to offer cross-disciplinary courses with a public policy focus. S/he will begin working at the time of commencement of academic offerings from the Centre.

In addition to the core management team (above), the Centre shall host a number of Advisors, Senior Research Fellows, Research Fellows, and Research Assistants. It may also engage the services of Adjunct Fellows / Faculty and Consultants when in-house capability is not available.


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