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Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

Page size:
 919 items in 115 pages
Umara Zafar, Mubeen Ghafoor, Tehseen Zia''Face recognition with Bayesian convolutional networks for robust surveillance systems'',2019. view details..
Maheen Zahid, Fahad Ahmed, Nadeem Javaid''Electricity Price and Load Forecasting using Enhanced Convolutional Neural Network and Enhanced Support Vector Regression in Smart Grids'',2019. view details..
Bilal Hussain, Asif Khan, Nadeem Javaid''A Weighted-Sum Pso Algorithm for Hems: A New Approach for the Design and Diversified Performance Analysis'',2019. view details..
Tehseen Zia, Mubeen Ghafoor, S. A. Tariq''Robust Fingerprint Classification with Bayesian Convolutional Networks'',2019. view details..
Suhail Ashfaq Butt, Kamalrulnizam Abu Bakar, Nadeem Javaid''Exploiting Layered Multi-Path Routing Protocols to Avoid Void Hole Regions for Reliable Data Delivery and Efficient Energy Management for IoT-Enabled Underwater WSNs'',2019. view details..
Ashfaq Ahmad, Nadeem Javaid, ''Short-Term Load Forecasting in Smart Grids: An Intelligent Modular Approach'',2019. view details..
Abdul Majeed, Raihan ur Rasool, ''Near-miss situation based visual analysis of SIEM rules for real time network security monitoring'',2019. view details..
Rasool Bukhsh, Nadeem Javaid, Majid Iqbal''Cost Efficient Hybrid Techniques for DSM in Smart Homes'',2019. view details..

Conference Papers

Page size:
 1160 items in 145 pages
Muhammad Zakria , Nadeem Javaid , ''Cloud-fog Based Load Balancing Using Shortest Remaining Time First Optimization'',2019. view details..
Aisha Fatima , Nadeem Javaid , ''An Efficient Virtual Machine Placement via Bin Packing in Cloud Data Centers'',2019. view details..
Raza Abid Abbasi , Nadeem Javaid , ''Minimizing Daily Cost and Maximizing User Comfort using a New Metaheuristic Technique'',2019. view details..
Muhammad Abdullah , Nadeem Javaid , ''Optimal power flow with uncertain renewable energy sources using flower pollination algorithm'',2019. view details..
Sahibzada Muhammad Shuja , Nadeem Javaid , ''Towards Efficient Scheduling of Smart Appliances for Energy Management by Candidate Solution Updation Algorithm in Smart Grid'',2019. view details..
Raza Abid Abbasi , Nadeem Javaid , ''Minimizing Daily Electricity Cost using Bird Chase Scheme with Electricity Management Controller in a Smart Home'',2019. view details..
Waleed Ahmad , Nadeem Javaid , ''Electricity Price Forecasting in Smart Grid: A Novel E-CNN Model'',2019. view details..
Waleed Ahmad , Nadeem Javaid , ''Pro Utility Pro Consumer Comfort Demand Side Management in Smart Grid'',2019. view details..

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