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Research Groups

Following is the list of Research Groups of our department

Groups Detail
Antennas and Microwave Engineering Research Group

The research group was established in 2005 with a few projects in the area of antennas. Thanks to the large human resource and state-of-the art equipment the research group is now actively involved in various applications of microwave engineering. Apart from conventional research work on filters and antennas we focus the activities towards interdisciplinary research. Group members have a large number of publications on their credit ranging from high impact transactions to international conferences. We specialize in antenna designing and offer a wide range of undergraduate and post graduate projects every year.

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Group Leader: Dr. Shahid A Khan


Communication research group investigates the applied aspects in the domain of networking and communication

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Group Leader: Dr. Shurjeel Wyne

Cybernetics Robotics

Cybernetics involves studying the control and communication processes in mechanical, biological, electronic and information systems

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Group Leader: Dr. Jamshed Iqbal

Integrated Circuits & Systems (ICS) Group

Group is initially aimed at developing research in the area of analog, mixed signal and radio frequency integrated circuit design. Analog/RF integrated circuits are fundamental part of every real life system. The advancements in the IC technology are taking place at an extremely rapid pace leading to extremely low supply voltages and smaller device dimensions. This has limited the applicability of circuit topologies which were being used 10 years ago. Also, analog/RF design for extremely short dimensions devices (CMOS transistors of as low as 45 nanometers length) is none less than a challenge for today's IC designers.

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Group Leader: Dr. Syed Irfan, Asst.Prof

Mobile Wireless Systems and Networks (MoWiSyNe)

MoWiSyNe is a multidisciplinary, project-oriented research group that considers aspects of wireless and mobile systems. Including wireless networks and link protocols, mobile networking including support for the Internet Protocol suite, mobile middleware, and mobile applications

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Group Leader:

Networks Research Group

Network Research Group is focusing on broadband wireless and mobile networks. The issues of interest include mobility management, quality of service (QoS), radio resource allocation and performance evaluation in diverse wireless networks such as 3G/4G cellular, WLANs, WiMaX, Wireless Mesh, UWB, ZigBee and Bluetooth. The major emphasis is on protocol design, development and optimization. The research work is carried out using both analytical and mathematical modelling (Queuing Theory, Game theory, etc) and simulation modelling (OPNET, ns-2, OMNET++, MATLAB, etc).

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Group Leader: Dr. Shahzad A. Malik, Assistant Professor, Group Head

Opto-Electronics and Photonics Research Group (OEPRG)

Our research focuses on optical and opto-electronic components, sub-systems and networks that include optical devices, Bio-sensors, Solar cells, and optical networks. We also focus on study of organic materials used for electronic devices, electrical and optical properties of polymer Nano-composites, and Nanotechnology.

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Group Leader:

Renewable Energy and Power Engineering

Power engineering deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power.

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Group Leader:

Signal Processing

The Signal Processing Group is working on a wide range of topics in signal processing with emphasis on adaptive signal processing, statistical estimation and detection methods, multi-scale analysis, multivariate data driven time-frequency algorithms, and image processing.

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Group Leader:

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