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Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 617 items in 78 pages
Zabit Hameed, Saqib Saleem, Jawad Mirza, Salman Mustafa, Qamar-ul-Islam, ''Characterisation of ictal and interictal states of epilepsy: A system dynamic approach of principal dynamic modes analysis'',2018. view details..
Saqib Saleem, D. Vucina, . Sarafis, A. Lee, J. W. Squair, O. F. Barak, G. B. Coombs, T. Mijacika, A. V. Krassioukov, P. N. Ainslie, Z. Dujic, Y. C. Tzeng, and A. A. Phillips., ''Wavelet decomposition analysis is a clinically-relevant strategy to evaluate cerebrovascular buffering of blood pressure after spinal cord injury'',2018. view details..
T. Shahzad, Saqib Saleem, Saeeda Usman, Jawad Mirza, Qamar-ul-Islam, Khmaies Ouahada, Tshilidzi Marwala''System dynamics of active and passive postural changes: insights from principal dynamic modes analysis of baroreflex loop'',2018. view details..
Jawad Mirza, Gan Zheng, Kai-Kit Wong, Saqib Saleem''Joint Beamforming and Power Optimization for D2D Underlaying Cellular Networks'',2018. view details..
Shahid Ali Murtaza , Ayaz Ahmad, Muhammad Yasir Qadri, Nadia N. Qadri and Jameel Ahmed, ''Optimizing Energy and Throughput for MPSoCs: An Integer Particle Swarm Optimization Approach'',2018. view details..
Ayaz Ahmad, and Mubashir Husain Rehmani, Zeeshan Kaleem, ''Neighbors' interference situation-aware power control scheme for dense 5G mobile communication system'',2018. view details..
Muhammad Iqbal , Muhammad Naeem. Ashfaq Ahmed, Muhammad Awais, Alagan Anpalagan, Ayaz Ahmad, ''Swarm Intelligence Based Resource Management for Cooperative Cognitive Radio Network in Smart Hospitals'',2018. view details..
Arsalan Shahid , Muhammad Yasir Qadri, Martin Fleury, Hira Waris, Ayaz Ahmad and Nadia N. Qadri, ''AC-DSE: Approximate Computing for the Design Space Exploration of Reconfigurable MPSoCs'',2018. view details..

Conference Papers

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 1036 items in 130 pages
Sabah Suhail , CS Hong , M. Ali Lodhi''Data Trustworthiness in IoT'',2018. view details..
Sundas Shafiq , , ''An approach towards efficient scheduling of home energy management system using backtracking search optimization and tabu search'',2018. view details..
Itrat Fatima , , ''Stochastic Power Management in Microgrid with Efficient Energy Storage'',2018. view details..
Iqra Fatima , , ''Efficient Demand Side Management using Hybridization of Elephant Herding Optimization and Firefly Optimization'',2018. view details..
Anila Yasmeen , , ''A Metaheuristic Scheduling of Home Energy Management System'',2018. view details..
Asif Khan , , ''Time and device based priority induced demand side load management in smart home with consumer budget limit'',2018. view details..
Aasma Khan , , ''Void Hole and Collision Avoidance in Geographic and Opportunistic Routing in UWSNs'',2018. view details..
Ahmad Jaffar Khan , , ''A Hybrid Bacterial Foraging Tabu Search Heuristic Optimization for Demand Side Management in Smart Grid'',2018. view details..

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