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Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 534 items in 67 pages
Wajahat Hassan, Saqib Saleem , Aamir Habib, and Qamar-ul-Islam, ''Classification of normal and arrhythmic ECG using wavelet transform based template-matching technique'',2017. view details..
Jawad Mirza, Bakhtiar Ali, Syed S. Naqvi, and Saqib Saleem, ''Hybrid precoding via successive refinement for millimeter wave MIMO communication systems'',2017. view details..
Ghulam Mohy-ud-din, , ''Hybrid dynamic economic emission dispatch of thermal, wind, and photovoltaic power using the hybrid backtracking search algorithm with sequential quadratic programming'',2017. view details..
Zabit Hameed, Saqib Saleem, Jawad Mirza, Salman Mustafa, Qamar-ul-Islam, ''Characterisation of ictal and interictal states of epilepsy: A system dynamic approach of principal dynamic modes analysis'',2017. view details..
Aaron Philips, Saqib Saleem, Jordan W. Squair, Philip N. Ainslie, Yu-Chieh Tzeng, Andrei V. Krassioukov, ''A clinically-relevant strategy to evaluate cerebrovascular buffering of blood pressure after spinal cord injury: Wavelet decomposition analysis'',2017. view details..
SARMAD SOHAIB, Faqir Najam-Ul-Hassan, Junaid Ahmed''Sum rate enhancement and interference alignment for MIMO channels'',2017. view details..
JUNAID AHMED, MOAZZAM ISLAM TIWANA, OMER AHMED''Energy and area spectral efficiency trade-off for MC-CDMA with carrier frequency offset'',2017. view details..
JUNAID AHMED, , ''Spectral Efficiency Comparison of OFDM and MC-CDMA with Carrier Frequency Offset'',2017. view details..

Conference Papers

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 901 items in 113 pages
Hamra Afzaal , Nazir Ahmad Zafar , ''Formalism of Network Restructuring in Flood Control System'',2017. view details..
Tahreem Saeed , Zafar Iqbal , Hamra Afzaal, Nazir Ahmad Zafar''Formal Modeling of Mobility for Wi-Fi based Mobile Ad hoc Networks'',2017. view details..
Faheem Zafar , Abid Khan , Mansoor Ahmed''A Survey of Data integrity schemes: Taxonomy, design challenges and future trends'',2017. view details..
Tahreem Saeed , Zafar Iqbal , Hamra Afzaal, Nazir Ahmad Zafar''Formal model of traffic based flooding procedure of AODV for Mobile Ad hoc Networks'',2017. view details..
Mashal Ahmad , Arsalan Shahid , Muhammad Yasir Qadri''Fingerprinting Non-Numeric Data Sets Using Row Association and Pattern Generation'',2017. view details..
Pir Amad Ali Shah , Masood Habib , Taimur Sajjad''Applications-and-Challenges-Faced-By-Internet-of-Things-A-Survey'',2017. view details..
Yousra Asim , Wajeeha Naeem , Ahmad Kamran Malik''A Community-Centric Access Control Scheme for Online Social Networks'',2017. view details..
Khurram Mustafa Abbasi , Irfan-ul-Haq , Ahmad Kamran Malik''Data Security in Cloud as a Service for Access Control Among Multilevel Users'',2017. view details..

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