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Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

Page size:
 518 items in 65 pages
Mansoor Khan, Talha Masood Khan, ''Tunable Q matching networks for capacitive ultrasound transmitters'',2021. view details..
Mansoor Khan, Shahrukh Agha, ''Class-E amplifier design for efficient CMUT transmission and wide band operation'',2021. view details..
Sharjeel Riaz, Mansoor Khan, Umer Javed, Xiongwen Zhao''A Miniaturized Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for IoT Applications'',2021. view details..
Hussain, R, , '''',2020. view details..
Mohammad Arif, Shurjeel Wyne, Junaid Ahmed''Efficiency analysis of a K-tier clustered HCN using dual connectivity with DUDe access'',2020. view details..
Khurram Shehzad, Noor M Khan, Junaid Ahmed''Performance analysis of coverage-centric heterogeneous cellular networks using dual-slope path loss model'',2020. view details..
Sikender gul, M.Faisal siddiqui, Naveed ur rehman''FPGA-Based Design for Online Computation of Multivariate Empirical Mode decomposition'',2020. view details..
Mansoor Khan, Shahrukh Agha, ''Least squares linear phase FIR filter design and its VLSI implementation'',2020. view details..

Conference Papers

Page size:
 472 items in 59 pages
Nasrullah khan , , ''A Silver Bullet in Sight for Rising Debts of Pakistan'',2019. view details..
N Khan et al , , ''A Model of Eighteen Lines DFB Laser'',2019. view details..
NASRULLAH KHAN , , ''Kashmir is Pakistan’s Jugular Vein, Not India’s Fait Accompli'',2019. view details..
Nasrullah khan , , ''Atoms for Peace and Molecules for Energy'',2019. view details..
Syed Junaid Nawaz, B. Mansoor, M. N. Patwary, and M. Sharma , , ''An Iterative Massive-MIMO NOMA Receiver with Superimposed Pilots based Estimator for Sparse Channels'',2019. view details..
I.U. Haq, Syed Junaid Nawaz, B. Mansoor, and K. B. Baltzis , , ''Superimposed Pilots based Estimation of Sparse Multipath massive-MIMO NOMA Channels'',2019. view details..
Arshad, M , Ullah, I , ''Radial MR Image Reconstruction through Deep Learning'',2019. view details..
Aslam, 1 , , Ullah, I''Optimized CG-SENSE using GROG for non-Cartesian MRI'',2019. view details..

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