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Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 796 items in 100 pages
S. J. Nawaz, S. K. Sharma, B. Mansoor, M. N. Patwary, N. M. Khan, , ''Non-Coherent and Backscatter Communications: Enabling Ultra-Massive Connectivity in the Era Beyond 5G'',2020. view details..
Mansoor Khan, Shahrukh Agha, ''Least squares linear phase FIR filter design and its VLSI implementation'',2020. view details..
M. Adil, S. Wyne, S. J. Nawaz, , ''On Quantization for Secret Key Generation From Wireless Channel Samples'',2020. view details..
Fida Hussain, Raja Ali Riaz, ''Comparative electrochemical investigation of zinc based nano-composite anode materials for solid oxide fuel cell'',2019. view details..
Waqar Alam, Raja Ali Riaz, ''Glucose--insulin stabilization in type-1 diabetic patient: A uniform exact differentiator--based robust integral sliding mode control approach'',2019. view details..
Fida Hussain, Raja Ali Riaz, ''A modeling approach for low-temperature sofc-based micro-combined heat and power systems.'',2019. view details..
Fida Hussain, Raja Ali Riaz, ''Electrochemical investigation of multi-fuel based low temperature nano-composite anode for solid oxide fuel cell'',2019. view details..
Musab Hameed, Gaobiao Xiao, Lina Qiu''Quintuple-mode wideband bandpass filter with improved out-of-band rejection'',2019. view details..

Conference Papers

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 1252 items in 157 pages
G. Li , H. Liu, J. Jin, and Q. Umer , ''Deep Learning Based Identification of Suspicious Return Statements'',2020. view details..
Zahid Mehmood , Khurram Ashfaq Qazi , Muhammad Tahir''Potential barriers to music fingerprinting algorithms in the presence of background noise'',2020. view details..
Fakhar Abbas , G. Liu , P. Fan, Z. Khan and M. S. Bute''A Vehicle Density based Two-Stage Resource Management Scheme for 5G-V2X Networks'',2020. view details..
A. S. Nyamawe1 , H. Liu, N. Niu, Q. Umer, and Z. Niu , ''Automated Recommendation of Software Refactorings based on Feature Requests'',2019. view details..
Faisal Hayat, Nadeem Javaid , Mehreen Shah, Umar Rasheed , Aasma Khan and Zahoor Ali Khan''Routing Protocol With Minimized Load Distribution for UASNs'',2019. view details..
M. Ahmad , Fakhar Abbas , Q. Chen, Muqeet Ahmad ''A Novel Hybrid Contents Oriented Communication (COC) Technique based on V2X Networks'',2019. view details..
Z. Khan , Fakhar Abbas , H. Ullah''A Conceptual Framework of Virtualization and Live-Migration for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Communication'',2019. view details..
Sana Mujeeb, Turki Ali Alghamdi , Sameeh Ullah, Ayesha Fatima , Nadeem Javaid and Tanzila Saba''Exploiting Deep Learning for Wind Power Forecasting based on Big Data Analytics'',2019. view details..

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