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Health Awareness Campaign

In terms of health issues, the young adults of a country are the most important and vulnerable segment of the population. At CUI, Chak-Shahzad Campus, we have about 4000 such persons as our students. But they lack even the basic awareness about common diseases and have limited information about first-aid practices.

In order to spread such awareness among students and faculty, CUI's first ever Health Awareness Campaign was organized from 24 to 27th November 2008.

Prestigious organizations such as PANAH, Rawalpindi Eye Donor Organization (REDO), Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Pakistan Kidney Patient Association were invited to deliver lectures and setup camps.

Lectures were on CPR training, Heart & kidney care, Eye Care, Blood donation and blood borne diseases. Free camps for Eye sight checkup, Blood group check and Blood Donation were also setup.

The organizing committee consisted of Dr. Nazra Asif (Medical Officer CUI), Dr. Asif Mir (Dept of Bio-Sciences), Mr. Habib Ahmed Noor (Dept. of EE), Ms. Marium Haider (Dept. of Arch), Mr. Shoieb Arshad (Dept. of EE) and Mr. Mehdi Abbas (Dept. of EE). The organizing committee was assisted by team of 50 volunteer students from the EE-department. Most of the work in this event was done by these volunteer students.

Chief Guest of the ending session of the campaign was Dr. Shehzad A Malik, HoD EE. In his ending remarks he stated Health Awareness Campaign as a new step forward in promoting awareness among youth. He also hoped that it will continue as a twice-yearly event. At the end of his speech, shields and certificates were distributed to organizers, volunteer workers and guest speakers.

Relief camp for Swat-IDP's at CUI Chak Shahzad Campus

The COMSATS family has always given a helping hand whenever it was needed for the country. Whether it was the earthquake in 2005, or the current situation in Swat, Dir and other northern areas, Comsatians have always been generous in donations and devoted in volunteer work. Considering the worsening situation today in these areas and the plight of hundreds of thousands of people leaving their homes, faculty and students of CUI teamed up to help them.

Many of these displaced people are currently living in camps. These people left everything behind and have come here with their families including women, children and the elderly. As Pakistanis it is our prime responsibility to look after them in this time of great need. In this regard, a 4-day camp was arranged in Chak-Shahzad campus for collection of donations from 13th to 16th May 2009. Total collections during these 4 days were Rs.142000/-. From this amount, everyday items like flour, ghee, sugar, salt, rice, milk powder, tea packets, biscuits, soap, plates, jugs and medicines like ORS, methadone and paracetamol were purchased. These items were made into packages for 75 families.

The campaign team members from faculty were Syed Tauqeer Haider (EE), Abrar Ahmed (EE), Bakhtiar Ali (EE), Wasim Haider (Biosciences), Afraz Ahmad Raja (Biosciences) and Tahir Abbas (Biosciences) and from students, Shahid Ali (BSB 6TH), M.Shahid Khan (BSB 2ND), Atif Noor (BSB 4TH), Baz Muhammad (BET 5TH), Kamal Shah (BET 5TH), Faisal Naeem (BET 6TH), Usman Khan (BET 6TH) and Salman Ameen (BET 6TH).

Rather than going to camps which are already being supported by government organizations, NGO's and other people, a small village “Takkar” about 15 km from Mardan was selected. There were about 125 families from Swat, Dir and Bunair, who were living in the Govt. school buildings of. Initially they were supported by the villagers but then they had to go to the main camps in Mardan 15 km away to get eatables for their families. The CUI's food packages were distributed to these families. Rs. 4,500 was given to those who could not receive the packages.

But seeing the rising numbers of displaced people, this effort is not enough, despite generous donations from all over Pakistan, there are still many families without any support. Let us join hands in helping them. Donate as much as you can!

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