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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Rafiq has a PhD in Biology (Human Genetics), with 28 years of teaching/research experience in Genetics and Molecular Biology. Over the past 28 years, he has diversified his understanding in gene discovery, Bioinformatics, coupled with relevant experiences at the best institutions in Canada/Pakistan such as Sickkids Hospital, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health (CAMH), The Centre for Applied Genomics (TCAG), University of Toronto and COMSATS University. These institutions have provided him with opportunities to develop his skills and broaden his knowledge. With time, he has learned and mastered a wide variety of experimental techniques used in humans, Zebra fish and mice to uncover a genetic component responsible in generation of disease phenotypes in human subjects. Additionally, he has extensive experience in the Clinical Research Program; this empowered him to comprehend health care systems, ICH (The International Council for Harmonisation) guidelines for clinical research in human subjects, and clinical research coordinating skills. These skills consist of recruitment for study subjects, clinical evaluation by following study questionnaire, designing of Informed consent Form (ICF) for research study, process of getting Informed consent from study subjects, contacting patients and consanguineous families for study follow-up, genetic counselling of the families participating in the study and regulatory affairs involved in clinical research in North America and European countries. He can also provide advice to senior managers and officials, by compiling and analyzing statistical information provided by private/public health care institutions to produce reports. Prof. Rafiq has the following expertise; leadership, training and motivation necessary to successfully carry out the proposed research project. He has broad background knowledge in Human Genetics, with specific teaching experience with all age groups from higher secondary to a university setting. His entire scientific career to date is based on determining factors that play a key role in the generation of inherited disorders. This is accomplished through getting informed consent from study subjects, collecting blood samples of subjects to extract DNA and exploiting, state of the art genomic technologies to identify underlying genes, involved in causing an inherited disease in an individual and their families. Research in this field helped start him career with numerous publications and endorsements

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