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Dr. Nasrullah Khan graduated from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore in 1984. He worked as SDO at WAPDA from 1985-87. He did MS from Reading University, UK and PhD from Essex University, UK. His PhD thesis was titled Development of High Power DFB Lasers. He has worked as a consultant power engineer at KSA as well as Associate Professor at UPM Malaysia. Dr. Khan joined Comsats Institute of Information Technology Islamabad as Foreign Faculty Professor in 2006. After the end of HEC FFHS in 2014, he has continued as contract professor in CIIT. In the last ten years, he has published 34 research papers in Impact Factor journals, 16 in Non-Impact factor international journals and 22 papers in international and local conferences. He has written seven books on lightning phenomenon, universe, extremism and sustainable energy alternatives in Urdu. He is a senior member of IEEE (USA) and lifetime member of PEC (Pak). He regularly evaluates HEC proposals, international journals and conferences papers. He is a member of BOS (CIIT), BOS (PIEAS), BOS (MUST), BOF (CIIT) and CIIT Academic Council. He assisted the department to build Power/Energy laboratories and multiple MS/PhD courses. He persuaded the department to launch MS/PhD program in Electrical Power & Energy Engineering. Due to his 14 years field and 17 years international/local teaching experience, he is assisting department to improve education and research quality. He wrote awareness articles in local and international media to highlight energy crisis, climate change and water control policy of regional powers. He teaches 2 to 3 MS/PhD level courses, supervised 2 PhD and 35 MS scholars and supervising 3 PhD and 7 MS students every semester. He cannot take more than five MS students so becomes co-supervisor to supervise the additional 7 to 8 MS students every semester. He assisted the department to conduct annual Pak-China conference in 2014 and delivered lecture on energy crisis. He has also participated to organize international conference on Solar Thermal Energy in CIIT Islamabad. He served as Chairman of Electrical Engineering Department. He completed two research projects in collaboration with GEC (USA) in 1995 and North Dakota University (USA) in 2012. He completed one project on voltage sag mitigation and another on combustible fuel gases.  He has built laser laboratory and renewable Energy Park in CIIT for research students. He is assisting the  department to build power and energy simulator laboratories to provide hardware lab facility for power/energy research students. 

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Islamabad, Pakistan.

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