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Workshop on "Jinns and Black Magic"

On October 01, 2015, the Department of Humanities in collaboration with IDEA society organized a seminar with Raja Zia-ul-Haq who is the President/ CEO of Youth Club, is a prominent motivational speaker, life coach and spiritual cardiologist from Islamabad. The workshop was organized to create awareness about the religious perspectives to the latest paranormal sciences and to provide a broad vision in the subject of black magic and its effects on us.

Raja Zia-ul-Haq discussed the world of unseen, Jinns and Black Magic. Jinns are of three types. Jinns who fly, shape shift and travel. They live in abandoned places and garbage. A person who does not bath, cry randomly, has extreme mood swings and lives in isolation may be possessed by a Jinn. A few healing cures of the Jinn possession is to recite Quran, establish Salah and do Tawbah can be freed from the negative company of shaitan (Satan) and Jinns.

Students from many departments attended the workshop to educate themselves about the wrong practices taking place in our society. Raja Zia-ul-Haq shared his personal opinions and stories to engage the attendees in the workshop. He explained briefly with a great sense of humor that made discussing this heavy topic lighter.

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