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Name of InstitutePurposeStart DateValid up to
The Physical - Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus* Promote the scientific education and research; * efforts to strengthen respective research and development policies; * encourage exchange of scientific information and exchange of scientists and researchers; * promoting and implementation of research projects, joint organinzing and conducting seminars, workshops, symposia, and training programs12-08-2015Automatically renewed for 3 years, either party gives written notice of termination
National Academy of Sciences, Belaurs* Joint research activities and publications; * Commercialization of R&D; * Implementation of joint programs of highly-qualified scientific personnel training; * Exchange of staff, scholars and graduate students; * Exchange of academic information and materials; * Participation in conferences and academic workshops and seminars conducted by the parties; * Other activities that both institutions mutually agree to10-08-201509-09-2020
Belarusian State University* Exchange of students for training at all level (undergraduate, Master and post-graduate programs) for up to a semester of study; * faculty member exchange; * research scholars visit of up to three weeks to work on specific research projects on both sides; * exchange of information, teaching materials and scientific reprots; * organising conferences, seminars, workshops and courses; * joint publications Priority areas of study: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Economics 10-08-2015On-going agreement
Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics* to encourage exchange of academic, research and administrative staff for experience exchange, lecturing, research, training, participation in conferences and other events; * to facilitate exchange of PhD, Master and undergraduate students in order to develop academic mobility; * scientific cooperation, joint research and consultancy activities; * to contribute joint educational and research projects, both bilateral and international; * to exchange, jointly prepare and publish educational, methodical and research materials; * to collaborate in other fields of mutual interest10-08-2015Automatically renewed for 3 years, either party gives written notice of termination
The United Institute of Informatics Problems (UIIP), NASB, Belarus To promote scientific cooperation in areas of mutual benefit10-12-2015On-going agreement

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