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Name of InstitutePurposeStart DateValid up to
University of Rostock, Institute of Chemistry, Germany.The MoU stipulates student and faculty exchange, technical traineeships, research collaboration, and availability to use the lab facilities at the University of Rostock for conduction of experiments, proposed establishment of Centre of Excellence of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at CIIT, and annual visit of Prof Langer to impart a course on modern synthetic methods and catalysis.29-10-2011No expiry
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, GermanyPromote interest in research activities; Facilitate the exchange of scientists; Support the progress of CCRD; jointly organize symposia, conferences and meetings on research issues; exchange of information;05-04-201301-04-2018
University of Bonn, GermanyExchange of undergraduate/graduate students, faculty members and staff. Exchange of academic materials and academic publications. Promotion of joint research projects, conferences, etc.10-07-201209-07-2017

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