The Workshop

This is an interdisciplinary workshop in the emerging field of scientific computing that aims to achieve scientific breakthroughs in mathematical modeling and numerical simulations.

This one week course will provide an introduction to the most important DUNE modules and especially to DUNE/PDELab. At the end, the participants will have solid knowledge of the simulation workflow from mesh generation and implementation of finite element and finite volume methods to visualization of the results.

The topics that will be covered include the solution of stationary and time-dependent problems, local adaptivity, the use of parallel computers and the solution of non-linear PDE's and systems of PDE's.

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Resource Persons

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Bastian (IWR)
  • Dr. Michael Winkler (IWR)
  • Prof. Dr. Shamsul Qamar (CIIT)
  • Dr. Abdullah Shah (CIIT)
  • Dr. Steffen Muthing (IWR)
  • Dominic Kempf (IWR)
  • Muhammad Sabir (CIIT)
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Focal Person

Dr. Abdullah Shah (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics, CIIT Islamabad, Pakistan)
Tel: (+9251) 9049 5407.

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