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Why Study Mathematics?

Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural sciences, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences. It is therefore termed rightly as a mother of all sciences. It plays a major role in the progress of society and without it; science and technology cannot address the complex issues facing the modern world. The gap between developed and developing countries in mathematics is widening which is a most serious obstacle in the technological development of these countries. In Pakistan, there is a real crisis in the supply of trained manpower in mathematics although there is a huge pool of talented young people. Bold, corrective and innovative steps need to be taken to redress the existing gap in mathematical knowledge for insuring its development in other connected science and technologies as well.

Benefits of Studying Mathematics at CUI Islamabad Campus

The department of mathematics, CUI Islamabad Campus, is a thriving, friendly department of around 40 PhD faculty members. We offer BS, MS and PhD degree programmes which allow choices from a wide spectrum of pure and applied mathematics. All benefits which one can achieve are listed below:

Breadth of knowledge: Our degrees are constructed to reflect the central role of mathematics in society, ranging from the most pure science to the most applied uses in industry and banking.

Internationally recognized teaching and research: Our internationally recognized research feeds directly into our teaching, meaning you will learn from those at the cutting-edge of their disciplines and will benefit from developments in your field as they occur.

Excellent support: Our small class sizes lead to an excellent staff-student relationship, allowing us to provide you with strong levels of student support. Much of your time will be spent working with individual members of staff or in small groups, enabling you to get the most from your studies. Flexible learning methods: We offer a wide variety of learning and assessment methods, meaning you can make choices about how you learn and how you are assessed.

Enhancement of professional skills: As a CUI graduate you will leave the institute having acquired much more than a simple technical proficiency in your subject. You will have been exposed to the elegance of mathematics as an intellectual discipline and to its enormous power as a tool for solving scientific problems, and encouraged from a very early stage to take pride in the presentation of your work. Your courses will help you to produce logical arguments and express yourself precisely, and to actively enjoy solving problems. These are qualities which will make you attractive to potential employers. Wide ranging career opportunities: Our graduates go on to rewarding careers in areas as diverse as finance; industry; mathematical and scientific research; teaching; IT and management.


Research is a vital part of our department’s life. We think you will enjoy studying in a climate where everyone, staff and students alike, is involved in doing mathematics. Our research record is very strong indeed. We have active research groups in pure and applied mathematics. The Faculty is involved in various international research collaborations with partners throughout the world. To further strengthen our research collaborations, it is proposed to setup an international centre for mathematics (ICM) at CUI Islamabad Pakistan with main purpose to develop a world-class research and training facility in mathematics. It will attract internationally reputed mathematicians/scientists to strengthen the application of mathematics in sciences and other practical fields. The centre will also facilitate scientists for the development of mathematical research in developing countries.