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Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 1952 items in 244 pages
Sami Ullah Khan, S. A. Shehzad and Sana Nasir, , ''Unsteady flow of chemically reactive Oldroyd-B fluid over oscillatory moving surface with thermo-diffusion and heat absorption/generation effects'',2019. view details..
25. Hassan Waqas, Sabir Ali Shehzad, Sami Ullah Khan and M. Imran, , ''Novel numerical computations on flow of nanoparticles in porous rotating disk with multiple slip effects and microorganisms'',2019. view details..
Atiq ur Rehman, Ghulam Farid, V.N. Mishra''Generalized Convex Function and Associated Petrovic's Inequality'',2019. view details..
Aamir Ali, A. Sajjad, S. Asghar''Thermal-diffusion and diffusion-thermo effects in a nanofluid flow with non-uniform heat flux and convective walls'',2019. view details..
M.I.A Othman, Aftab Khan, Adnan Jahangir''1. Analysis on plane waves through magneto-thermoelastic microstretch rotating medium with temperature dependent elastic properties'',2019. view details..
Sami Ullah Khan, S. A. Shehzad, ''Brownian movement and thermophoretic aspects in third grade nanofluid over oscillatory moving sheet'',2019. view details..
Rida Irfan, Nadia Shoukat, ''Rank bounded Hibi subring for planar distributive lattice'',2019. view details..
M. Asad Meraj, , Rida Irfan''Spanning Simplicial Complex of Wheel Graph'',2019. view details..

Conference Papers

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 68 items in 9 pages
Sami Ullah Khan, Nasir Ali, S. A. Shahzad and M. N. Bashir , , ''Analysis of second-grade fluid flow in porous channel with Cattaneo-Christov and generalized Fick’s theories'',2019. view details..
M. Andric, G. Farid , S. Mehmood , J. Pecaric''Polya-Szego and Chebyshev types inequalities via an extended generalized Mittag-Leffler function'',2019. view details..
Mehwish Bari , Najma Abdul Rehman , ''Construction and Analysis of m-Point Non Stationary Subdivision Scheme, 4th Int. Conf. on Science Engineering & Environment (SEE),'',2018. view details..
Syed Tahir Raza Rizvi , Kashif Ali, , N. Iqbal, A. Gulraze , ''Super Edge-Magicness of Stars Like Graphs'',2018. view details..
Sami Ullah Khan , Nasir Ali , Amar Rauf and Sabir Ali Shehzad''Numerical Computations on Flow and Heat Transfer of Casson Fluid over an Oscillatory Stretching Surface with Thermal Radiation'',2018. view details..
Sohail Iqbal , Qaiser Mushtaq , ''Classification of Cyclic Cubic Fields '',2018. view details..
Sohail Iqbal , , ''Conics on a Godeaux Surface'',2018. view details..
Abd Alla , Abo-Dahab , Aftab Khan''Rotational effect on Rayleigh, Love and Stoneley waves in nonhomogeneous fibre reinforced anisotropic general viscoelastic media of higher order, '',2017. view details..