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The Department

The Department of Mathematics is the pride and joy of CUI Islamabad Campus. It boasts a highly-qualified and distinguished faculty, and is a center for excellent research and analysis.

Initially established in 2001, the Department started a four-year BS Mathematics program in Fall 2002 at the Islamabad Campus. An MS leading to Ph.D. program in Mathematics was started in Fall 2004.

Currently, the Department offers a four-year BS Mathematics, a two-year MS Mathematics, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics with specializations in various sub-disciplines of Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computational Mathematics.

The faculty at the Department of Mathematics has an excellent national and international standing and reputation. There are approximately 40 Ph.D. faculty members representing most of the major fields of current research.

At present, there are 62 Ph.D. scholars registered in the department. 43 scholars have successfully completed Ph.D. degree. In addition, there are 66 students of MS Mathematics, while 165 students have completed their MS in Mathematics.

The research output of the department is very impressive and speaks clearly for the quality of the work. Since 2010, a total of 785 papers have been published by the faculty; with 203 papers published in 2012, 232 papers in 2013, and 148 papers in 2014 (so far).

The research is being conducted and published extensively in international journals. There are strong research groups working in various research areas. There is a weekly seminar series addressed by local and international speakers.

The Department aims to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research; by developing appropriate curricula and teaching practices, acquiring talented faculty members, and providing an environment conducive to teaching, research, and learning. The students are encouraged to develop new ideas in research and to apply them in real world problems. The Department is also planning to work with industry for the further development of the country.