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Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1½ year)

Program Overview

Increasing global competition and receding job markets are a few of the phenomena faced by a country like ours. Pakistan has 42% of the population under the age of 15 while 53% of the population is between the ages of 15 and 65 and there is an increase in un–employment. Therefore it has become imperative that our youth are not only trained to become workers but also entrepreneurs with the objective of exploring economic and social profits.

In the form of a new economic model, known as ‘Knowledge Economy’, knowledge is understood to be the key driver of growth and wealth. Knowledge has become progressively more important in skill building and innovation. Similarly it is also believed that technological factors are important to competitiveness and economic growth. Even though firm-specific factors are important determinants of innovation activity, technological opportunities and a favorable entrepreneurial environment also have a positive effect. The innovation activity and technology opportunity combined with the entrepreneurial spirit can help create opportunities resulting in successful business ventures.

Keeping in mind its mission of imparting quality education in Pakistan, and also because of its obligation as a public-sector university to contribute to the development and prosperity of Pakistan to the maximum extent possible within the framework of its resource limitations, CUI is launching a one and a half year Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) starting this Fall Semester 2010 at CUI.

Special features and objectives

The Masters in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI) program is dedicated to developing business leaders and managers who can integrate technological knowledge with business knowledge in an economically, socially, environmentally and ethical way.

The MEI program provides guidance in developing new ventures through knowledge exploration and innovative ideas that lead to the development of new products and new markets. This program is tailored for those individuals who are interested in combining their science background with innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. Thus, potential candidates must have an interest in developing their skills of analyzing and resolving issues within technological innovation and/or entrepreneurship.

The program imparts knowledge on innovative processes through exploiting innovative ideas and converting them into successful business. The students are further supported by the BDC (Business Development Center), which allows the young entrepreneur to nurture their budding ideas into reality. Students from Engineering, Management, IT and Natural Sciences are given a good platform in the various aspects of technology management allowing them to pursue management or entrepreneurial careers.


16 years of Education in Management Sciences, Natural Science, Engineering or Technology background with 2.5/4 CGPA in the bachelor degree and 50% GAT test score. Candidates who have more than 5 years of professional experience may be exempted from GAT.

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