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Master of Energy Management

Program Overview

Energy is a key necessity of life and driver of economic growth. It can be derived from fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal) nuclear fission/fusion, hydel generation and renewable sources (wind, solar, hydel (small/mini, micro), biomass, hydrogen, bio fuels, tides, cow dung geothermal sources etc). Harnessing of energy resources requires technology, capital, human resources and management.

The energy sector has lacked a career path that exposes professionals to a comprehensive view of the energy industry. The Masters in Energy Management programmes are designed to meet this gap. The programme will provide an exceptionally well-rounded view of the entire industry. It will be a well-balanced and inter-disciplinary programme, which will bring together: firstly Management and Energy sector, secondly Energy and Environment and thirdly Asia and third-country collaborations

The overall objective of the MS Program is to develop managers and business leaders with the vision, knowledge, creativity, skills, ethics and entrepreneurial ability necessary to integrated, critical aware, dynamic and strategic view of organizations and to play an effective role within them.

General Profile of Energy Management & Its Objectives

The objectives of the Masters Degree course in Energy Management are to:

  1. Prepare the future managers in the field of energy enhancing their understanding of the energy sector and developing skills in planning, strategy formulation and promotion of investment in energy projects.
  2. To strengthen the alliance between industry and academia in the energy sector and help create robust business partnerships between organizations and institutes both within Pakistan and with other developing nations.

Energy Management graduates will be able to:

  1. Analyze the energy markets, recognize growth prospects, forecast future demands and make policies and plans.
  2. Liaise with third parties and demonstrate strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  3. Manage energy team projects
  4. Take part in the acquisition and management of energy assets
  5. Undertake financial and rate analysis
  6. Maintain and manage database information
  7. Strategically manage energy companies/utilities.

This program prepares the students to proceed onwards to a more targeted Master’s Program in Energy Sector.

Entry Requirements

  1. Candidates eligible to apply belong to diverse backgrounds from engineering, technology, sciences, law, economics and management, who would like to build up their competency in energy management subjects. Candidates must have demonstrated academic consistency and good performance.
  2. 16 years of education with first division or CGPA of 2.5/4.0. Candidates are evaluated by their past achievements and their potential on merit.
  3. At least 50% marks in NTS-GAT test
  4. The merit will be determined on the basis of the academic record, test and the interview. They will also be evaluated on how well their career aspirations match up with what Masters programme has to offer. Preference will be given to those having some previous experience.

Structure of the Programme

Masters in Energy Management program has duration of 1 1/2 years (3 semesters) consisting of 33 credit hours of studies. During the first semester students undertake 3 core courses with one elective, in the 2nd semester 1 core course and 3 electives. In the third semester students study 2 electives and are assigned a project. The degree is awarded on the completion of at least 33 credits with a CGPA of at least 2.5/4.0.

The ability to think beyond the boundaries are characteristics sought by any forward looking organization. This underpins the structure and content of our MS leading to PhD program. The MS graduate will be able to thrive in any world class corporate and competitive international business environment.

The MS program is designed to prepare graduates for managerial and administrative roles in business, industry, and government on the national and the international levels.

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