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Master of Science in Energy Management (MSEM)

Program Overview

The recent world wide sky rocketing oil prices have highlighted the need for the better understanding of the dynamics of energy sector. The energy is a key necessity of life and driver of economic growth. The world today is facing increased demand for energy resources whereas the known commercial energy resources are becoming scarce. The scarcity is particularly severe in some non-oil producing developing regions, whereas the residential and service sectors demands are growing quickly while the industrial sector lags behind. Our region is also witnessing a rapid growth in the demand for energy because of several factors such as increase in use of consumer goods and services, per capita income and the growth in population. In order to attain and sustain an enviable economic growth rate and reduce poverty, today’s managers have to be well versed with the energy sector so as to be able to chalk out long term energy strategies, plan and implement projects for harnessing energy resources best suited to their situation.

The technology to harness energy resources is taught at various engineering schools. There are, however, only a very few institutions and “Think tanks” in the world that focus on Energy Management and Energy Strategies at the national and global levels. To fill out gap for Pakistan the CUI has launched the MEM program which is a pioneering and inter-disciplinary program. The graduates of this program will be able to work in several important and highly demanded jobs including: Energy Analysts, Managerial Positions in the Energy organizations and Energy Intensive Industries, Energy Policy and Planning Strategists, Energy Investment Portfolio Management Officers, CEO of Energy Companies/Utilities Analysts, Energy Consultants, Energy Conservation and Audit Energy Project Management Officers, Energy Environment Specialists, Managers of companies of 21st century (energy efficient and committed to sustainable development).

Special Features and Objectives

The objectives of the MS in Energy Management are to:

  • Prepare the future managers in the field of energy enhancing their understanding of the energy sector and developing skills in planning, strategy formulation and promotion of investment in energy projects.
  • Strengthen the alliance between industry and academia in the energy sector and help create robust business partnerships between organizations and institutes both within Pakistan and with other developing nations.
  • Enable students to carry out research in specific topics and add new dimensions to the art of energy management, analysis and policy formulation.

Core Courses

  • Energy Conservations and Environments
  • Energy Dialogue
  • Management, Organizational Policy and Practices
  • Statistical Inference
  • Research Methodology

Elective Courses

  • World Energy Outlook and Energy Fundamentals
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Economics
  • Energy Project Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Managing Organizations
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates eligible to apply belong to diverse backgrounds from engineering, technology, sciences, law, economics and management, who would like to build upon their competency in energy management subjects. Candidates must have demonstrated academic consistency and good performance, with at least 16 years of education with first division or CGPA of 2.5/4.0. Candidates are evaluated by their past achievements and their potential on merit. The merit will be determined on the basis of the academic record, and an oral interview. They will also be evaluated on how well their career aspirations match up with what the MS program has to offer. NTS / GAT minimum test score of 50% will be required.

Grading Criteria

A grade of C (GPA 2.5) is required to pass any course. Keep in mind though, in order to graduate, the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) must be at least 2.5.

If the CGPA of a student will fall below 2.5/4.0 in any semester, he/she will be placed under probation. If in the next semester his/her CGPA does not come up to at least 2.5/4.0., the student will be dropped from the program.

Grading criteria of existing MS program will be followed.

At the discretion of the chairman/ HoD of the department, makeup examination and retakes of mid term examination may be permissible under special circumstances. However makeup or retake of terminal examination shall not be allowed under any circumstances.

Scheme of Studies
Admission Form (MSEM)

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