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Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM)

Program Overview

Projects are ubiquitous and have shaped the face of human civilization since antiquity. The 21st century has been dubbed by some as the "century of projects". As developmental challenges, science and technology and knowledge relentlessly advance, projects - and a profound insight into how to manage them effectively and efficiently - will become all the more relevant with the passage of time. This is especially true for developing countries like Pakistan, where a huge chunk of public-sector resources are spent on projects every year, and the need to properly handle projects given acute and chronic resource constraints is the need of the hour. Projects are the key to Pakistan's economic and social development.

Keeping in mind its mission of imparting quality education in Pakistan, and also because of its obligation as a public-sector university to contribute to the development and prosperity of Pakistan to the maximum extent possible within the framework of its resource limitations, CUI is successfully executing a two year Master of Science Program in Project Management (MSPM).

Special features and objectives

MSPM will assist in imparting quality formal education towards project management profession in Pakistan. It is a well known fact that vast sums of public resources are wasted due to mismanagement of projects, particularly in the social sector. Project failures - as measured with respect to the non-attainment of its goal, and/or cost or schedule overruns - are common in Pakistan. This problem is attributable in part to the lack of basic project management knowledge of the initiators, planners and implementers of projects. Successful project management requires insight into several knowledge areas, for instance, communication management, risk management, cost and time management etc. Yet comparatively few project managers in Pakistan can claim that they have an adequate insight into all these areas. The dearth of project management education opportunities in Pakistan is the principal cause of this problem.

The Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) program being offered by the Department of Management Sciences of the COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad campus, is designed as a two year full-time evening program which has the main objective of providing students with a comprehensive, in-depth and practical knowledge of this exciting, challenging and increasingly important subject area of management. As the pioneer in offering formal project management education, CUI 's MSPM program will help overcome the acute and chronic knowledge deficiency in project management which plagues most private, public and non-governmental organizations operating in Pakistan.

Core Courses

  • Management, Organizational Policy and Practices
  • Statistical Inference
  • Research Methodology
  • Quantitative Techniques

Elective Courses

  • Advanced Project Management
  • Project Constraint Management
  • Project Quality and Risk Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management
  • Project Controlling and Monitoring
  • Software Project Management
  • Applications Development and Management of Complex Projects
  • Seminar in Project Management

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