Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 379 items in 48 pages
Nasir Iqbal, Saima Nawaz, ''Pakistan’s Bilateral Trade under MFN and SAFTA: Do Institutional and Non-Institutional Arrangements Matter?'',2017. view details..
Zheng Sisi, Aihu Wang, Yasir Tariq Mohmand''Path Optimum Algorithm for Container Relocation Problems in Port Terminals Worldwide'',2017. view details..
Sisi Zheng, Aihu Wang, Yasir Tariq Mohmand''An Improved Path Optimum Algorithm for Container Relocation Problems in Port Terminals Worldwide'',2017. view details..
Muhammad Abid Saleem, Allah Wasaya, Sadaf Zahra''Determinants of Frozen Food Purchase Intentions: Insights from a Developing Country'',2017. view details..
Allah Wasaya, Bilal Khan, Muhammad Shafee''Impact of Brand Equity, Advertisement and Hedonic Consumption Tendencies on Cognitive Dissonance: A Mediation Study'',2017. view details..
Khuda Bakhsh, , ''Health hazards and adoption of personal protective equipment during cotton harvesting in Pakistan'',2017. view details..
Khuda Bakhsh, , ''Economic growth, CO2emissions, renewable waste and FDI relation in Pakistan: New evidences from 3SLS.'',2017. view details..
Khuda Bakhsh, , ''Impacts of Bt cotton on profitability, productivity and farm inputs in Pakistan: use of panel models'',2017. view details..

Conference Papers

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 106 items in 14 pages
Wang, Z., A. Duan, S.Yang , and K.Ullah , , ''Atmospheric moisture budget and its regulation on the variability of summer precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau'',2017. view details..
Baqri, S.R.H , Tariq, S , Hasan, M.T, Mahmood, I''The Environmental Concerns in Coal Mining and Utilization in Pakistan'',2017. view details..
Muhammad Umar , K. Banger , E. D. Nafziger''Online Tool for Tracking Soil Nitrogen in Corn Fields'',2016. view details..
Waqas, A. , Athar, H., , Shahzad, M. I''Recent Variability of the Observed Diurnal Temperature Range in the Karakoram and its Surrounding Mountains of Northern Pakistan'',2016. view details..
Shahina Tariq , Sunbal Siddique , Irfan Mahmood''Effects of Anthropogenic Methane on Climate of Pakistan'',2016. view details..
Majid Nazeer , Janet Elizabeth Nichol , ''Modeling of Chlorophyll-a concentration for the coastal waters of Hong Kong'',2015. view details..
Waqas, A. , Kattel, D. B., , Athar, H.,''Investigation of Hydro-Climatic Interactions for two distinct river basins in the Karakoram Himalayas'',2015. view details..
Muhammad Umar , B. L. Rhoads , J. A. Greenberg''Suspended solids mixing in large river confluences: A remote sensing perspective.'',2014. view details..

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