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MS Management Science

Program Overview

The MS Program is widely recognized as the most appropriate educational qualification for future senior managers and executives. The Department of Management Sciences aims to provide a program, which is both educationally sound and directly relevant to those areas of industry, commerce, the professions and public service, which Management Sciences graduates tend to enter.

The overall objective of the MS Program is to develop managers and business leaders with the vision, knowledge, creativity, skills, ethics and entrepreneurial ability necessary to integrated, critical aware, dynamic and strategic view of organizations and to play an effective role within them.

Special features and objectives

In developing the program, the Department has recognized that students may want to improve their job opportunities, change career direction or seek a fresh intellectual stimulus. Many are also looking for an enhancement of general business management rather than specialist skills. Increasingly from the employer’s perspective, organization is seeking future business leaders with improved ‘softer’ such as good interpersonal skills with employees.

Businesses also want their graduates to be exposed to a research driven environment which is capable of involving a range of business issues. The Department of Management Sciences at CUI can answer all these needs.

It is also suitable for experienced professionals or fast-track managers who already have an MBA or related qualification and are seeking continued learning and progression in their field. CUIs’ MS program is the ultimate professional business qualification and provides an accelerated route to a doctorate, enabling you to make a contribution to knowledge and practice through research that contributes to new thinking.

It takes you onto a greater contribution in the workplace and offers a higher intellectual platform to develop capabilities beyond those generally attainable through normal work. It aims to improve the ability to apply concepts to practice, to develop your thinking processes, increase writing skills and enhance professional credibility. The MS is designed to contribute to the sponsoring organization and to development, in a way which cannot be gained by experience alone.

Students will be supervised by leading CUI academics. In the first year you are supported by our research training program which forms the basis for the taught element of the program. As MS research is likely to be thematic rather than discipline based, candidates are supported by a panel of senior faculty members rather than a single supervisor, to ensure that most relevant support is provided.

Knowledge into action-a faculty with Management experience

One of our major strengths is our teaching faculty, which is the largest and most diverse of any business institution in the country. Most have managerial experience, a strength reinforced by close links with outside organization through consultancy and research. Our quality of teaching and learning is rated as excellent by the Higher Education Commission.

Excellent facilities

COMSATS University Islamabad provides first-class teaching and learning facilities including lecture rooms, computer labs, a management information and resource center, and study areas for the small group discussions which are central to the learning process on both the BS and MS programs.

The ability to think beyond the boundaries is characteristics sought by any forward looking organization. This underpins the structure and content of our MS leading to PhD program. The MS graduate will be able to thrive in any world class corporate and competitive international business environment.

The MS program is designed to prepare graduates for managerial and administrative roles in business, industry, and government on the national and the international levels.

Core Courses

  • Management, Organizational Policy and Practices
  • Advances in Statistical Inference
  • Research Methods and Techniques
  • Mathematical Modeling for Management

Areas of Specializations

  1. General Management
  2. Finance
  3. Marketing
  4. Information Technology Management


  • Issues in Strategic Management
  • Advanced Topics in Change Management
  • Advance in Human Resource Development and management
  • Advances in Small Business Management
  • Advanced Topics in Conflict and Crisis Management
  • Advanced Topics in Operations Management
  • Emerging Issues in Leadership and Motivation
  • Advanced Topics in Performance Management Systems
  • Advanced Topics in International Business Management
  • Advances in Supply Chain Management Seminar in Management
  • Advanced Topics in Total Quality Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Issues in Organizational Behavior


  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Advanced Topics in Financial Instruments and Market
  • Advanced Topics in International Finance
  • Advanced Topics in Risk Analysis and Insurance Management
  • Issues in Financial Economics
  • Portfolio Selection Management
  • Financial Modeling and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Stock Market and Efficiency
  • Seminar in Financial Management


  • Issues in Consumer Behavior Advanced
  • Topics in Cyber Marketing
  • Managing Marketing profile
  • Advertising and Event Management
  • Issues in Brand Management
  • Advances in Marketing Research
  • Advances in Integrated Marketing Communication
  • Advanced Topics in Service and Industrial Marketing
  • Seminar in Marketing
  • Issues in Sales Promotion and Sponsorship
  • International Marketing Management
  • Issues in Customer Relationship Management
  • Analytical Modeling for Marketing Managers
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