Workshop on Drug Discovery & Development, 25-27 April, 2018

This intensive course has been designed for those keen to learn about how drugs and personalized therapies against a bevy of diseases for human or animal use are developed using modern biological and medicinal chemistry methods.  Initial phase of this course is devoted to understanding the underlying causes of disease and the process through which disease causing molecules are identified. Subsequent lectures cover how cell-based and in vitro biochemical assays are developed and screened, and how lead compounds are identified, optimized and readied for clinical trials. Due to its widespread use and success, particular emphasis is placed on structure-based (or rational) drug design using 3-D in silico modeling of targeted molecules. Drug metabolism, delivery and formulation also receive coverage. Additionally, challenges in delivering drugs across blood-brain and blood-germ line barriers and cutting edge modalities involved in personalized therapeutics, such as non-coding RNAs and genome-editing tools like CRISPR-Cas will be discussed. Final phase of this course deals with translational side of drug development (pre-clinical and clinical trials), as well as, the statistical and ethical considerations that are associated with clinical trials and marketing of drugs.
Who Should Attend?
- Members of faculty and graduate students from Biosciences & Chemistry.
- Life sciences and/or Pharmacology backgrounds working at Universities or Research Institutes.
- Professionals from Pharmaceutical Industry.
Workshop registration fee is Rs. 20,000 per participant, however, we are pleased to offer 50% discount for students.
LAST DATE TO REGISTER: 20th April, 2018

Interested persons may register online by clicking “REGISTER” on the ORIC-PD website http://ww3.comsats.edu.pk/oric-pd/ and submit their fee in advance.

For further inquiries please email Mr. Uzair Alvi uzair.alvi@comsats.edu.pk or call 0340-0505570.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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DD & D Workshop
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