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Rashid Amin
Reg. #: CIIT/FA15-PCS-004/WAH

Campus: Wah  
Department: Computer Science  
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
Thesis: Auto-configuration of ACL Policies in Hybrid SDN
Supervisor: Dr. Nadir Shah  
Phd Graduate #: 432
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Taskeen Niaz
Reg. #: CIIT/FA15-PBM-005/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Bio Science  
Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Thesis: Prevention of Bacterial Food Borne Pathogens by Nano-active Biomaterials
Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Imran  
Phd Graduate #: 431
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Muhammad Nadeem
Reg. #: CIIT/SP13-PMATH-003/LHR

Campus: Lahore  
Department: Mathematics  
Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
Thesis: Koszul, Loops, Algebraic and Topological Descriptors
Supervisor: Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad  
Phd Graduate #: 430
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Qasim Ali
Reg. #: CIIT/FA14-PPH-005/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Physics  
Doctor of Philosophy in Physics
Thesis: Study of the Inclusive Characteristics of Secondary Charged Particles Produced in the Hadron Nucleus Collisions at LHC Energies
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mahnaz Qadir Haseeb  
Phd Graduate #: 429
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Malik Waqar Ahmed
Reg. #: CIIT/FA15-PBM-001/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Bio Science  
Doctor of Philosophy in Biosciences
Thesis: Genetic and Epigenetic Studies of Sirtuin Genes in Head and Neck Cancer
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mahmood Akhter Kayani  
Phd Graduate #: 428
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