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Reg. #: CIIT/FA13-R66-001/ATD

Campus: Abbottabad  
Department: Chemistry  
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry
Thesis: Theoretical Investigations on Enhancement of Nonlinear Optical Properties of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Doped X12 Y12 Nanocages
Supervisor: Dr. Khurshid Ayub  
Phd Graduate #: 307
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Syeda Kiran Riaz
Reg. #: CIIT/FA13-PBS-001/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Bio Science  
Doctor of Philosophy in Biosciences
Thesis: Expression Analysis of Sonic Hedgehog in Breast Cancer and its Relationship with Metastasis
Supervisor: Dr. Muhammad Faraz Arshad Malik  
Phd Graduate #: 312
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Ijaz Hussain
Reg. #: CIIT/FA14-PCS-006/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Computer Science  
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
Thesis: GRAND: GRaph based Author Name Disambiguation Framework
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Sohail Asghar  
Phd Graduate #: 311
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Usama Saleem
Reg. #: CIIT/FA10-PMS-002/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Management Science  
Doctor of Philosophy in Management Sciences
Thesis: Downside Risk Applied to Bankruptcy Predicting Models
Supervisor: Dr. Imran Abbas Jadoon  
Phd Graduate #: 310
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Amani Sabah
Reg. #: CIIT/FA13-PMT-004/ISB

Campus: Islamabad  
Department: Mathematics  
Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
Thesis: Selection Principle and Weaker Forms of Menger, Rothberger and Hurewicz Properties in Topology
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Moiz Ud Din Khan  
Phd Graduate #: 309
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